How Cuebiq’s Attribution Dashboard Can Answer Your Marketing Questions

By Rus Ackner / 4 minutes

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If you’re a marketer like me, whenever you launch a new ad campaign you will most likely spend every waking moment contemplating how successful it will be. Whether it’s wondering if the campaign is driving actual consumer visits to store or how your brand is performing compared to others in the industry, you need to be able to accurately answer questions like these in order to assess how well your brand is connecting with consumers.

While marketers will eternally look to answer these questions, new technology has emerged such as location data that can help them find answers. This is where Cuebiq comes into play. Continue reading to understand more about our Attribution dashboard and how it can help you answer these pressing questions.

Providing Visibility into Offline Consumer Behaviors

At Cuebiq, we understand the importance of accurately answering the types of questions mentioned above, which is why we have made it our mission to help marketers bridge the online and offline worlds by providing full visibility into offline consumer behaviors. 

According to eMarketer, 58.3% of marketers will use multi-channel attribution in 2019. Through our Attribution solution we offer two footfall measurement tools: in real time and post-campaign, which can help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in driving store visits. These powerful insights will then help answer your most pressing questions about offline consumer behaviors as well as measure cross-channel campaign ROI.

Benefits of Cuebiq’s Attribution Solution 

Now that you have a sense of how our Attribution solution can help you overall, let’s delve into the details on how you can use it to your advantage.

Contextualize Campaign Performance

With our solution, you can put your campaign performance into context and understand how well it performed compared to industry benchmarks. As a marketer using footfall attribution as a way to measure your campaigns, it’s important to have a sense of your success and see how your campaigns compare to the industry average. 

Activate Audiences Based on Insights

With Cuebiq’s Audiences, you can turn consumer intelligence into action with the click of a button. Our Attribution solution provides insights into offline interests, brand affinity, and cross-shopping activities of consumers who visited a store upon being exposed to a campaign. But that’s not all; it also provides a turnkey solution to leverage these audience segments for strategic planning and future executions.

Analyze the Impact of Advertising on Store Visits

Footfall attribution is essential because it enables you to understand if and how your advertising had an impact on consumers visiting your stores. For both exposed and control groups analyzed as part of our attribution studies, you will be able to evaluate the store visit frequency of the consumers.

Understand In-Store Behaviors

With our solution, you can unveil consumers’ behaviors and see their engagement while in store. With our dwell time and time of visit analysis, we provide marketers insights to inform both their advertising strategies and changes they might like to make to their in-store experience, which could ultimately lead to more store visits.

Slice and Dice the Data

When enhancing our solutions, we constantly put our clients who will be interacting with our dashboard first, and we understand the importance of ease of use. So, our study results can be easily accessed — sliced and diced at the click of a button. Clients can consult the data within our interactive dashboard and download the report for easy use in client presentations.

All of these capabilities will help further empower you as a marketer along your journey — and keep you from losing countless hours of sleep!

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