Our Commitment to Privacy

A Principled Approach

Cuebiq has embraced privacy as a core value and is committed to protecting privacy and being at the forefront of global industry standards. As we continue to evolve our approach to privacy with each new regulatory advance, such as with GDPR and CaCPA, it’s important to ground ourselves in several central principles to guide our efforts. Cuebiq’s privacy program revolves around 4 key principles: Consent, Transparency, Control and Accountability.



We only process de-identified data from users who opted in to share their location.



Our partners clearly articulate their relationship with Cuebiq in their Privacy Policy.



We allow users to easily opt-out through several paths: app settings, device settings, TrustArc and the Cuebiq App. (The Cuebiq App is available to download in Google Play here and in the App Store here)



We are NAI  members and TrustArc certified.


More questions? Please view our Privacy Policy or read about our Data For Good initiative to learn how responsible and transparent data collection can be used to improve our communities across the globe.

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