Privacy Commitment

Cuebiq is committed to protecting privacy and being at the forefront of global industry privacy standards. We are working with all our app partners globally to implement our GDPR compliant framework. Our effort is rooted in our commitment to users’ privacy rights and the value we see in clearly informing and communicating with consumers.




All of the data that Cuebiq collects is anonymous. We only collect de-identified data. We use an advanced cryptography methodology to store and transmit the data that our SDK collects to further ensure data security.



Cuebiq is a location intelligence company that is focused on analyzing and aggregating anonymous location data to provide insights and measurement solutions. We analyze data only from users who share their location with our partner apps.


Rights Protection

Because we have a direct relationship with our partner apps, we give users full control over location data sharing.  All of our partner apps give users the choice to opt-in to share their location and provide a simple opt-out mechanism which gives them the ability to opt-out of location data collection. If a user opts-out we do not collect ANY data including GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.



We are a NAI  member and TrustArc certified – NAI is the leading self-regulatory industry association dedicated to responsible data collection and its use for digital advertising. In order to join, Cuebiq demonstrated that all the data it collects and manages meets specific privacy regulations and that the company keeps personally identifiable information out of its data collection pool. Our partnership with TrustArc not only certifies compliance to industry privacy standards, but also provides users a universal opt-out opportunity from location data gathering.


More questions? View our Privacy Policy or read about our Data For Good initiative to learn how responsible and transparent data collection can be used to improve our communities across the globe.

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