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Data for Good: Providing Social Value Through Location Data

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Brennan Lake, Cuebiq’s Senior Director of Research Partnerships and Data, to ask…

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Capitalize on consumer spending this holiday season by leveraging location-based audiences and data-driven acquisition strategies – learn how

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In order to help retailers close the loop and better understand the availability of attribution solutions, we’ve commissioned a study with the Ascendant Network to provide them strategic research and recommendations.

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Cuebiq Green Team: Building Awareness of Office Recycling Habits & Creating a More Eco-Friendly Work Environment

We all remember growing up and constantly being reminded by our parents and teachers to recycle our...

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Artificial Intelligence: The Fuel for Predictive Analytics

Whether it be facial recognition on your phone, that cool new VR experience, or your Alexa device,...

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Revolutionizing Campaign Measurement: Unlocking Incrementality With Offline Intelligence

"It’s great to hear this campaign has been driving consumers to stores, but can you tell...

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Five Unexpected Applications of Offline Intelligence

Originally posted by Verizon Media on 11/18 here. Cuebiq, a leader in the offline intelligence...

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Cuebiq Visit Intelligence Now Available in Amazon’s AWS Data Exchange

New partnership makes subscribing to high-quality location data a breeze. Amazon’s

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2019 Holiday Audience Targeting Guide

Elevate Your Media Campaigns With Cuebiq Audiences   Download our Holiday Audience Targeting Guide to learn: Holiday recommendations to...

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Give Your Holiday Campaigns the Gift of Location-Based Audiences

The holiday season is upon us, and so is the end-of-year advertising push. And why not? Consumers...

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The New Metrics That Matter for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Without knowing or having the ability to understand what is actually driving consumers to the store, retail marketers are...


Targetspot Partners with Cuebiq to Measure Digital Audio Effectiveness

Partnership will bring offline attribution capabilities to digital audio, allowing advertisers to measure a campaign’s role in driving consumers to brick-and-mortar locations New York, NY (November 6, 2019) – Targetspot, the world’s leading digital audio solutions platform, today announced its new partnership with Cuebiq, the leading location intelligence and measurement...


Answering The Elusive Question: How To Align Sales And Marketing Teams

Source: Forbes

You’ve heard it a million times before: It’s essential to align sales and marketing. But how do you actually...

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How to Enhance Your Customer Profile Using Offline Intelligence

If you work in marketing, you know how important it is to get your customer profile just...

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Streaming Audio Meets Offline Measurement

As screenless media continues to grow, measurement must move past direct response metrics to be properly attributed. The State of...


Tesla Black Friday 2019 Sale: Deals for Model X, Model S, Model 3 and Accessories

Source: Newsweek

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, has caused a buzz on social media in recent weeks following the unveiling of its latest venture, the Cybertruck, which has already garnered 250,000 pre-orders, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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Attribution is King: Here’s How to Make It Reign

We know that attribution is everything. After all, if you’re not measuring the performance of your campaigns,...


Tesla Led Last Year’s Black Friday For Luxury Automakers

Source: MediaPost

It remains to be seen which automakers fare the best during Black Friday 2019, but Tesla led visits to...

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