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Developing a Cutting Edge Control Group

By Cuebiq Marketing Team

Cuebiq has made big changes during the last two years with a laser focus on meaningful attributes that directly address probability of visiting stores. Thanks to quality and scale of our location data, we have created a methodology that describes a device with a richer depth than ever before. 

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Blog > Workbench

The 30 Day Map Challenge Using Cuebiq Workbench

Data visualization is a core piece of our daily lives, whether in art, entertainment, advertising, or technology....

Blog > analytics

2021 Grocery Industry Trends and Takeaways

Unlike other retail segments, grocery stores remained open throughout the pandemic to supply consumers with everything from...

Blog > Privacy

Cuebiq Workbench: Powering COVID-19 Research Without Compromising Privacy

As researchers seek insights into the effects of COVID-19 and non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) on human behavior, mobility...


Cuebiq Partners With Innovid To Enable Creative Optimization From Visitation Insights

Integration to help clients understand real-world behavior patterns and action accordingly in near real time New...

Blog > analytics

Maximize Your Media Budget with Measurement

Is it me?  Or is Q4 2021 starting to feel a bit like the good ‘ole days? ...

Blog > TV

TV Trends and the Targeting You Need

There is no doubt that TV advertising is a massive market—spending on traditional and connected TV (CTV)...

Blog > Audiences

Introducing Cuebiq’s Newest Audience Segments

At Cuebiq, we are always looking for ways to innovate and develop our products and services. In...


Basis Partners with Cuebiq to Help Companies Re-Engage Customers Lost to COVID Lockdowns

Source: CRM Magazine

The Basis Technologies platform has been integrated with Cuebiq audience segments of pre-COVID in-person shoppers to re-engage them on any digital channel.

Blog > analytics

Cuebiq x MMA: Revolutionize Your Marketing Stack

Two years ago, Francesco Guglielmino, Cuebiq’s Chief Product Officer, was presenting ideas for a future SaaS platform,...

Blog > Location Data

Location Data in a Post-Pandemic World: How Back-to-School Is Challenging Us to Think Differently

For years our industry has been talking about the power and promise of location data.  Understanding the...

Blog > Workbench

Why Open Source Is the Backbone of Development

Open-source technology runs the world. It builds communities, increases transparency, and benefits from the power of many...


Basis Technologies Helps Marketers to Find Customers that Lost Brand Interest Because of COVID

Basis Automation Platform Integrates Cuebiq Audience Segments of Pre-COVID In-Person Shoppers to Re-Engage Them on Any Digital Channel Chicago...

Blog > SaaS

SaaS vs. PaaS: The Future of Cloud Computing Services

In a recent Cuebiq product council, Francesco Guglielmino, the Chief Product Officer, described his eight-year journey since...

Blog > SaaS

SaaS vs. PaaS: An Introduction

To understand the difference between SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service), envision...

Blog > Data for Good

Building a Responsible Open Data Ecosystem: Mobility Data & COVID-19

Over the last year and a half, COVID-19 has changed the way people move, work, shop, and...

Whitepaper > Data

Fueling Innovation With Data: The Power of Platform as a Service

Our new white paper explains how a platform as a service such as Cuebiq Workbench is key to innovating...

Blog > Attribution

Brand-New Attribution Benchmarks: How To Evaluate and Upgrade Your Campaigns

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw dramatic changes to in-store visitation this past year. It was...

Blog > Culture

Wine Tasting and Working From Home: Coming back to Cuebiq

Since the start of the pandemic, working from home has become commonplace. My first day at Cuebiq...