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In order to help retailers close the loop and better understand the availability of attribution solutions, we’ve commissioned a study with the Ascendant Network to provide them strategic research and recommendations.

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Location Intelligence: The Universal Metric for Campaign Measurement

Are you wondering whether your media campaigns are generating real-world results? If not, here’s why you should be. Offline data…

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This comic book’s mission is to help educate and guide all of those looking for more information on location data, how it is collected and the pros and cons for brands and marketers.


Pizza Hut’s closure plans could cede foot traffic to Little Caesars

Source: Restaurant Dive

New research from Cuebiq shows that the top four U.S. pizza chains generated more than 25 million visits from...

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Partner Spotlight: Q&A With Jeremy Flynn, Clear Channel Outdoor

We got the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Flynn, Vice President of Data Products & Strategy at Clear...

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Do You Have a Blind Spot in Your Current Retail Attribution Strategy?

If you’re a retailer, you might not be accurately attributing your campaigns. With the rise of digital...


Offline Brand Intelligence

Cuebiq is a leading consumer insights and measurement company, providing brands and marketers a trusted, high quality, and transparent...

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Last-Minute Shoppers and Location Data: What’s Differentiating Brick-And-Mortar This Shopping Season

As the all-important back-to-school and holiday seasons approach once again, retailers are faced with figuring out how...

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Sending Tweets and Meeting the Team: My First Few Weeks at Cuebiq

My first day as an intern at Cuebiq was just a few weeks ago on a sunny...

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Speed of Attribution: Measuring the Modern Consumer’s Actions

In order to help retailers close the loop and better understand the availability of attribution solutions, we’ve commissioned a...


Cuebiq Launches Market-First Solution that Independently Verifies Data Provenance, User Consent & Ensures Privacy Compliance

Cuebiq enables users, partners, and customers to perform or request third-party validation of any Cuebiq product, as well as validate consent, while preserving user anonymity New York, NY (June 27, 2019) – Offline consumer intelligence and measurement company, Cuebiq, today announced the launch of its Cuebiq Consent Management and...


Brands Can Bring down Walled Gardens, but Only If They Want To

Source: MarTech Series

Once upon a time, “walled gardens” brought with them visions of splendid, sun-drenched, hedge-lined gardens set against the historic...

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Six Interview Tips to Land Your Dream Tech Job at Cuebiq in Milan

At Cuebiq, our interview process is simple. It is quick, technical, and fun. Ask any Cuebiqer why...

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How Cuebiq’s Attribution Dashboard Can Answer Your Marketing Questions

If you’re a marketer like me, whenever you launch a new ad campaign you will most likely...


Can we clone Marc Pritchard?

Source: Campaign US

The "conflict of interest" pie is growing. Why do we continue to enable church and state to unite and...

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Partner Spotlight: Q&A With Tom Riordan, Adobe

The Cuebiq marketing team got the chance to chat with Tom Riordan, Head of Advanced Measurement Group, Adobe Advertising...


It’s Time to Do Better on Data Privacy

Source: AdWeek

Self-regulation won’t cut it anymore. Data regulation is all over the news these days. GDPR enforcement is ramping up

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