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Cuebiq Spearheads COVID-19 Data Collaborative

By Isabel Sperry

Big data sources are of paramount importance today more than ever before. During the COVID-19 pandemic, big data can provide critical insights into the dynamic state, spread, and impact of the coronav...

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Data Tells All: Reopening Bars Correlates With New Coronavirus Cases

Hopes of the United States following a linear path to recovery from the coronavirus have been quashed...

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High-Impact Use Cases for Location Data in Quick Service Restaurants

57% of QSR marketers are using location data to enhance their attribution capabilities and to better understand consumer...


Nordstrom Uses Influencers to Promote Safety and Draw Anxious Shoppers

Source: New York Times

Wendy Nguyen, a fashionable Instagram personality with 1.1 million followers, is regularly tapped by retailers like Macy’s and Banana...

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Why APIs Are Essential to Developers Today

For developers, time is of the essence — and Application Programming Interfaces are major time-savers. With APIs,...

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Incrementality: The Future of Offline Measurement

Unlock incrementality for your next media campaign – find out if your advertising is actually changing consumer behavior and...


COVID-19 Positivity Rates Appear to Be Spiking in Many States That Reopened Bars

Source: Time

Michael Neff sensed what was about to happen. It was late March, and Texas had surpassed 1,000 confirmed cases...

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Cuebiq And The Adventures of Clara

Want to know more about offline intelligence? Learn how to enrich your marketing stack today with the industry's only location data driven comic book! Read it now...

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How to Use Mobility Insights to Prepare for Reopening

The marketing landscape has shifted in a major way since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shelter-in-place...


Florida shatters US record for new single-day Covid-19 cases

Source: CNN

A new analysis of cell phone data across 10 coronavirus hotspots suggests more people traveled over the July 4 holiday than during the Memorial Day weekend. And mobility is one of the drivers of the virus' transmission, experts have said.

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The 3 Types of Analytics You Need to Measure Attribution

It’s an interesting time to be a marketer in the world of offline attribution. Reporting that was...


UK population movement drops by 98%

New online tool from Oxford researchers uses mobile phone data to help tackle COVID-19 Oxford, United Kingdom (April 15, 2020) – Data from mobile phones is being used to understand and predict the impact of the UK’s COVID-19 social distancing measures on population movements nationwide, thanks to a...


Cell phone data show Americans hit the road over July 4, even as coronavirus surged

Source: CNN

For the Fourth of July weekend, a new analysis of cell phone data suggests even more people hit the...

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Enhance Your Advertising Strategy With Offline Measurement

As marketers, we’re constantly wondering how our brand is resonating with consumers (do...

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Partner Spotlight: Q&A With Supriya Goswami, VP of Marketing at InMobi

We got the opportunity to sit down with Supriya Goswami, VP of Marketing at InMobi, a leading technology company...


Coronavirus updates: More than 66K new cases; Walt Disney World reopens amid surge in Florida; 7-Eleven Free Slurpee Day canceled

Source: USA Today

Walt Disney World began a phased reopening Saturday, nearly four months after the theme park shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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QSR Marketers Consider Location Data “A Must-Have” According to 451 Research

A day in the life of a QSR marketer is a bit different from that of a...


5 New Ways Retail Marketers Can Utilize Location Data This Year

Source: Retail TouchPoints

While location intelligence has been almost synonymous with measuring foot traffic to stores, there are much broader applications that...

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OOH Advertising Is on the Rise: Increase Your ROI With Offline Measurement

With the explosion in growth of new media, it’s more important than ever that advertisers be able...