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4 Top Secrets for Succeeding in Product at a Tech Startup

Nov 12, 2018| By Isabel Sperry - Source

Are you interested in what makes a successful product manager at a tech startup? From creating sound processes to being able to motivate a team, being a...

Winning At Retail: Driving Footfall in an Omnichannel World

As the retail world continues to push toward an omnichannel future, substantial change is being driven by online-only retailers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. While this shift is substantial for traditional retailers, consumers still value a physical retail presence. In order to help retailers, we’ve commissioned this study with the Ascendant Network to provide them strategical research and recommendations.

Location Analytics: A Behind-the-Scenes Look With Bianca Gherardi, Technical Product Manager

Nov 12, 2018| By Cuebiq Marketing Team - Source

This past summer, we got the opportunity to visit Cuebiq’s Milan office and interview some of our brilliant Italian counterparts, who help keep Cuebiq running day in...

Footfall Attribution for TV: How to Measure the Impact of Your Television Advertising

Nov 12, 2018| By Isabel Sperry - Source

With its ability to boost brand awareness and deliver strong returns, TV advertising is undeniably powerful. However, brands have traditionally used sales attribution tools or custom sales...

How Location Intelligence Can Benefit the Entire QSR Organization

Nov 12, 2018| By Rebecca Schneider - Source

When it comes to location intelligence, the quick-service restaurant industry stands to benefit in many ways. Nowadays, restaurant chains are constantly being challenged to step up their...

Audiences for TV: Advanced Audiences Are Not Just for Advanced TV

Nov 12, 2018| By Isabel Sperry - Source

You may think that advanced audiences only apply to advanced TV — but in fact, you can use advanced audiences for linear TV as well. Let’s...

Leverage Last-Minute Shoppers to Drive Incremental Sales

Nov 12, 2018| By Jack Foster - Source

With the US economy humming, growing at its fastest rate in over a decade while unemployment nears 20-year lows, the 2018 holiday shopping season promises to be a good...

How to Determine the Quality of Location Data: 4 Key Metrics to Consider

Nov 12, 2018| By Isabel Sperry - Source

You probably already know how important it is to back up your marketing decisions with data. But you might not know that the quality

How to Apply Location Intelligence Across the Auto Organization

Nov 12, 2018| By Rebecca Schneider - Source

When it comes to location intelligence for the auto enterprise, there are countless ways to enhance your dealership at every level and as a result, knock out...

How Location Intelligence Can Enhance the Retail Organization at Every Level

Nov 12, 2018| By Isabel Sperry - Source

With the holiday season in full force, brick-and-mortar retailers are doing everything in their power to win over consumers as they go head-to-head with e-commerce brands. It’s...

Linear vs. Advanced TV: The Current State of Television Advertising

Nov 12, 2018| By Chris Falkner - Source

The terms linear and advanced TV are thrown around a lot these days, and you may be wondering: What’s the difference? And how do VOD, OTT, and...

3 Audience Activation Pro Tips for the Holiday Season

Nov 12, 2018| By Rebecca Schneider - Source

As seen in our last blog on seasonal audiences, identifying your target audience during the holidays is a crucial step toward achieving...

4 Audiences You Can’t Afford to Miss out on This Holiday Season

Nov 12, 2018| By Isabel Sperry - Source

When it comes to marketing during the holiday season, timing is everything. You can’t afford to miss out on activating audiences based on seasonal events, from Halloween...

Brand Loyalty: The Secret to Targeting Holiday Shoppers

Nov 12, 2018| By Isabel Sperry - Source

With every brand vying for consumers’ attention during the holiday season, it can be hard to stand out. So what’s the secret to reaching holiday shoppers and...

How Brands Can Use Cross-Channel Advertising to Create a Better User Experience

Nov 12, 2018| By Antonio Tomarchio - Source

Originally posted by AW360 on 9/19 here. In an ever-noisier media environment, brands need to make their advertising campaigns stand out. It’s essential to develop messaging that not only...

4 Key Takeaways for Automotive Marketers Using Location Data

Nov 12, 2018| By Rebecca Schneider - Source

Automotive marketers are constantly looking for new ways to break down some of the most frustrating barriers to car buying — reducing consumer friction is vital. Location...

3 Ways Auto Marketers Can Drive Consumers Straight to the Dealership

Nov 12, 2018| By Rebecca Schneider - Source

Just like buying a house, buying a car is one of the most important decisions a person will make — not to mention a very expensive one....