Yokohama Tire Reaches The Right Audience With Cuebiq Data

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Yokohama Tire continuously seeks ways to reach in-market tire shoppers efficiently. Their goal was to drive website engagement, increase in-store visits, and position Yokohama as the preferred choice for upcoming purchases. Download the full Yokohama Tire case study and see how they targeted in-market tire shoppers, boosting website engagement by 356% and driving more customers to stores with a 55% decrease in cost per visit.

Yokohama’s agency Charts + Darts, partnered with Quantcast to leverage cookieless advertising and access untapped audiences. By leveraging Cuebiq data, campaign success was achieved by ensuring the most impactful creatives were used to increase store visitation.

Read the entire Yokohama Tire case study here and leverage Cuebiq Location Data for Measurement and Audiences for more accurate targeting for your next campaign.

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