Data for Good

Location intelligence for good is our contribution to the scientific community.

We’re working to make the world a better place

Cuebiq is invested in the movement to drive innovation and enhance the quality of life across the globe. Because of that, we are providing access to our location data to the scientific community in order to share our insights and create positive action in the service of humanity.

Use Case

The power of location data for good

Discover how data can unlock new insights to improve and enhance our way of life.

The solution

Discover the many ways that data can have a positive impact on our world

Smart cities

Improve city planning and optimize transportation.

Driverless cars

Enhance data models to hasten the arrival of autonomous transport.

Disaster relief

Improve data models to enhance evacuation planning and execution.

Learn more about how our data set can help your project and community.

Our Commitment to Privacy


We only process de-identified data from users who opted in to share their location.


Our partners clearly articulate their relationship with Cuebiq in their Privacy Policy.


We allow users to easily opt-out through several paths: app settings, device settings, TrustArc and the Cuebiq App.


We are NAI  members and TrustArc certified.