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How It Works

Visit Lift

Cuebiq Visit Lift is the industry’s leading deterministic footfall attribution solution, providing post campaign intelligence including store visit lift, dwell time, brand affinities and more. Cuebiq’s Visit Lift SaaS solution provides a thorough analysis of your campaign, allowing you to:

Validate campaign performance

Understand if, how, and when your campaign drove consumers to store.


Compare your campaign uplift to industry benchmarks.

Measure partner effectiveness

Identify which impressions delivered the most conversions.

Optimize your cross-channel spend

Measure and compare the effectiveness of your campaign across digital, mobile, OOH, TV, and radio.

Unlock customer insights

Learn how much time consumers spent in store, when and how often they visited, and which stores were the most visited.

Turn insights into action

Identify key customer segments for your next activation and access them at the click of a button.

We partnered with Cuebiq to help a Centro retail client track their digital campaigns’ effectiveness in driving in-store traffic. By using the information generated from Cuebiq’s ability to pass back verified walk-in data in real time, we were able to optimize toward the tactics that had the greatest impact.

April Weeks

VP Media Strategy Operations


How It Works

Visit Optimization

Cuebiq Visit Optimization is the industry’s only in-flight location-based campaign optimization tool. It quantifies in real-time how frequently ad impressions lead to in-store visits (or simply, the walk-to rate), removing any guesswork about an ad’s effectiveness.

Understand performance in real-time

Measure daily walk-to-rate at POIs as result of your campaign.

Tally daily

See daily store visits influenced by your campaign.

Measure platform and partner effectiveness

Break down and compare performance by platform or partner.

A/B test your creative

Break down and compare performance by creative type.

Identify cost per visit

Validate your spend and identify areas where efficiencies can be created.

Turn insights into action

Leverage the insights to optimize your campaign in real time and increase performance.

Success Story

Converting ad impressions to business opportunities

Cuebiq and Centro teamed up to understand the visit uplift at designated retailers in multiple DMAs as a result of the brand’s digital ad campaign.

The Solution

Visit Lift Report


Visit Uplift


Visit Rate


Of consumers spent 5–28 minutes in-store

Cuebiq’s post campaign analysis provided a wealth of insight. The data illuminated key metrics such as the overall lift of the campaign, which days and hours were the most effective, what other brands and stores the retailer’s customers frequent, and more. Our client was extremely impressed by the results and is looking forward to implementing Cuebiq’s benchmarks to measure future campaigns.

April Weeks

VP Media Strategy Operations


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