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Mobility Data that Fuels Growth

Introducing Workbench. The cloud-data ecosystem that uses mobility data in an ironclad privacy framework. We’re democratizing access to ethical and safe data.

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Privacy Above All Else

Since inception, we’ve been setting the standard when it comes to ethical and responsible data collection and use. We discover and develop higher standards to improve data consent. Privacy-compliant location data that never compromises your hard-earned reputation is paramount to our users and Cuebiq’s success.

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We have the privacy-safe location data you need, plus the tools and expertise to quickly build custom solutions.

Whether measuring the impact of your advertising dollars, planning where to open the next store or predicting market trends – human mobility and visitation patterns are critical to unlocking consumer insights. Cuebiq provides a powerful suite of data and tools to help you make data-driven decisions that drive predictable revenue.


What Makes Cuebiq Different

Industry Leading


Location Data

From Only


Relationships with Mobile Apps

Complete Consumer Journey


100+ data points per device per day to validate visits for better Insights

Our Privacy Approach Is Designed To Be


CCPA-Compliant, GDPR-Compliant, NAI Members, TrustArc & TAG certified

Creating custom solutions with Workbench

Define your data set

Explore Cuebiq’s best-in-class location data assets.
And combine them with first party and other data types easily.

Design your methodology

Build custom solutions utilizing out-of-the-box tools and pre-built guides.

Deliver your solution

Visualize and extract privacy-safe insights to use or monetize.

Map consumers' offline movement with first-party human mobility data within your own systems and models.

Access the Data You Need to Drive Your Strategy


Leverage our data to build custom yet repeatable analytics solutions in a platform that saves you ramp-up time and costs.

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Understand how your marketing activations are changing consumer behavior and how to increase return on ad spend.

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Target more effective audiences based on their offline behaviors, brand loyalty, purchase intent, and more.

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Developing a Cutting Edge Control Group

Cuebiq has made big changes during the last two years with a laser focus on meaningful attributes that directly address probability of visiting stores. Thanks to quality and scale of our location data, we have created a methodology that describes a device with a richer depth than ever before. 

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Our Commitment to Privacy


We only process data from users who opted in to share their location.


We require all App partners to disclose their relationship with Cuebiq, directly or by category, in their Privacy Policy.


We allow users to easily opt-out through several paths: app settings, device settings, TrustArc and the Cuebiq App.


We are NAI members, certified by TrustArc and TAG, and Privacy Shield registered.