Offline Brand Intelligence

Cuebiq is a consumer insights and measurement company that helps brands understand customer compatibility by providing tools to map and measure their consumers’ journey.

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Maximize campaign ROI, understand cross-channel lift, optimize your media mix and enrich your current marketing and measurement stack.

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Offline Intelligence Platform

With Cuebiq’s platform, you gain access to offline consumer insights and measurement tools designed to help you generate a positive ROI for your brand. Drive growth by better understanding what is driving visitors to store and why. Use those insights to target new audiences, maximize ROAS and win market share for your brand.
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What Makes Cuebiq Different



Location Data

From Only


Relationships with Mobile Apps

Complete Consumer Journey


Data points per anonymous user/day to validate visits for better insights

Our Privacy Approach Is


CCPA-Ready, GDPR-Compliant in the EU, NAI Members, TrustArc & TAG certified

How We Verify Visits: The Double-Verified Approach

Cuebiq’s first-party data collection methodology leverages GPS and Wi-Fi signals to collect anonymous offline behaviors at scale. Because of the accuracy and precision of our data, we are able to measure dwell time. This allows us to understand how long consumers “dwell” at a location, so we can filter out “fake visits” from our results. Since we use a double-verified approach, our clients can trust the results.


Precise Data


Of our collected data produces results with 5+ decimals


Dwell Time

Unlike other providers, Cuebiq measures dwell time of consumer visits to understand how long users “dwell” at a location. We do this to filter out “fake visits” or consumers who may just be passing by.


30 ft

Or below spatial precision

Offline Brand Intelligence

Learn how you can put Cuebiq’s intelligence into action

Brands & Agencies

Prove the impact of your media campaigns, target more effective audiences and increase ROAS.

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Financial Services

Unlock consumer footfall trends to evaluate investment strategies, measure market share dynamics and more.

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Enhance the in-app user experience with personalized content, better & more relevant advertising and more.

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Move the Needle for Your Brand

Offline Intelligence platform with solutions to drive strategy and help you make the right decisions


Map brand performance vs. competitors, activate against offline insights and win market share.

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Target more effective audiences based on their offline behaviors, brand loyalty, purchase intent and more.

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Measure ad effectiveness with media-agnostic attribution to prove ROI and increase ROAS.

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This partnership enables us to harness a more complete view of consumers, both online and offline. Cuebiq’s data and analysis allow us to measure our campaigns more effectively, reach the right audiences, and draw them to physical locations like dealerships
and stores.

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VP Product Management


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Our Commitment to Privacy


We only process de-identified data from users who opted in to share their location.


Our partners clearly articulate their relationship with Cuebiq in their Privacy Policy.


We allow users to easily opt-out through several paths: app settings, device settings, TrustArc and the Cuebiq App.


We are NAI members, certified by TrustArc and TAG, and Privacy Shield registered.