Offline Intelligence Platform

Leverage Cuebiq’s platform, Clara, to develop location-based strategies, measure their impact on consumer behavior, and improve ROAS.

Clara: Solving Your Marketing Needs

When it comes to measurement, we know marketers want insights that prove their media efforts, eliminate waste, and provide actionable recommendations. Cuebiq’s platform Clara does all of this, providing marketers with the tools they need to increase their return on ad spend. With Clara, marketers can:

  • Drive more consumers to store
  • Measure campaign incrementality
  • Decrease the cost per incremental store visit
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Increase Return on Ad Spend

Measure the effectiveness of your entire marketing spend on driving consumers to store and your campaign’s incrementality. Leverage daily insights and premium Audiences to optimize impressions in real time to improve ROAS.


Understand how your marketing activations are changing consumer behavior and how to decrease your cost per incremental visit.



Sharpen your marketing strategies and reduce ad waste by targeting customers that are more likely to convert based on their offline behaviors.


Visit Intelligence

Guide your media planning & buying decisions and brick-and-mortar strategies with 100% first-party location data.

Visit Intelligence

Cuebiq’s post campaign analysis provided a wealth of insight. The data illuminated key metrics such as the overall lift of the campaign, which days and hours were the most effective, what other brands and stores the retailer’s customers frequent, and more. Our client was extremely impressed by the results and is looking forward to implementing Cuebiq’s benchmarks to measure future campaigns.

April Weeks

VP Media Strategy Operations


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