Continuous Learning and Team Cook-Offs: What It’s Like to Work at Cuebiq

By Rus Ackner / 3 minutes

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I was lucky enough to join Cuebiq in the last week of February, when Cuebiq members from around the world congregated in the New York City office for a week of internal trainings. This meant I not only got to hear from team leaders first-hand about their departments and learn about Cuebiq’s robust intelligence platform, but I also had the pleasure of meeting almost all my new coworkers — based out of Milan, San Francisco, Chicago, and NYC. At Cuebiq, my first few weeks on the Brand Marketing team have flown by. From sessions reviewing Cuebiq’s dynamic platform to team-building events including a cook-off à la Chopped, below is a snapshot of my experience at Cuebiq so far.

For starters, I’ve had opportunities to learn at every level. At the industry level, I’ve taken a deep dive into the location intelligence space. Between reading up on industry publications and getting one-on-one overviews from my managers on data collection methodologies and the competitive landscape, I’ve already learned so much. Being a content marketer, it’s exhilarating to work in space that’s constantly evolving and being disrupted by new technologies. It means I have endless topics to write about at my fingertips. As for learning at the company level, I’ve listened to presentations on Cuebiq’s mission and values, attended platform demos and webinars, and had access to a wealth of resources. Finally, at the team level, I’ve been fortunate to meet with every member of the Brand Marketing team individually. They’ve checked in with me and encouraged me to ask questions, while I’ve learned the idiosyncrasies of their roles and how we will be working together in the future.

There’s an emphasis on collaboration at Cuebiq that has been salient to me from day one. For example, a few days ago one of my coworkers was presenting on a new topic and wanted to practice it, so my whole team sat in to listen and provide feedback. This is par for the course at Cuebiq. The entire company works on Google Drive, making it easy to work together on projects. We communicate on Slack and have many shared channels, promoting collaboration and transparency. There’s even a company-wide “Good News of the Day” channel on Slack, where we post exciting personal and company updates.

Outside work, the Cuebiq community is just as tight-knit. An event that stands out in my mind is the company-wide cook-off we had at Chelsea Loft, conducted in the style of the reality TV show Chopped. We were divided into groups and tasked with creating two hors-d’oeuvres from a random assembly of ingredients — my group made a sugar-fried tofu dish (unusual, I know) and meatballs. A pair of judges taste-tested all the dishes, and the winning team was crowned with paper chef hats! It was so fun to spend time with Cuebiq employees of all levels and get to know them outside work.

Cuebiq team mixing vegetables in salad bowl

Cuebiq team sautéing food over stove

This night exemplified Cuebiq’s community in a nutshell: a creative and supportive group of people who enjoy some friendly competition every once in awhile. Cuebiq’s vibrant, team-oriented culture has shone through at other events as well, from bowling nights to ping pong games to team lunches, making me feel immediately welcome.

I’m delighted to be part of Cuebiq and look forward to getting to know the team further and continuing this journey in learning about the location space!

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