How to Enhance Your Customer Profile Using Offline Intelligence

By Anna Livaccari / 4 minutes

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If you work in marketing, you know how important it is to get your customer profile just right. It’s critical to understand who your target persona is on a granular level, so you can understand how best to connect with them. What’s more, aligning your content to these customers’ behaviors and desires will help you increase revenue by developing a stronger brand affinity.

In building out your customer profile, there’s one resource you might not have considered that can be a major asset to you — location data. You can use location data in a myriad of ways, one of which is to understand the offline behaviors of your customers and prospective customers. This can inform how you target them, and even reveal certain new audiences for you to activate that align perfectly with your customer profile. 

Enhancing Your Customer Profile With Offline Intelligence

If you’ve created a basic customer profile, you’ve probably already included all the demographic and psychographic attributes of your customers. That is to say — you know them pretty well and understand what they’re seeking. In addition, you know what kind of marketing resonates best with them, whether it be Instagram influencer ads or print newspaper placements.

With offline intelligence, you can unlock all sorts of other attributes about your customers that you might not have had access to before. Using offline data, you can see the complete journey of how your customers are behaving in the real world, which you can marry with the online data you already have to create a robust customer profile. 

Specifically, you can use location data to understand how loyal your customers are to your brand, which of your competitors they’re visiting, and what their affinities are for other brands that might be complementary to your own. These nuggets of information can help you flesh out your customer profile to make it as comprehensive and representative as possible.

Targeting Audiences Based on Offline Behaviors

To go one step further, you can use offline data to activate audiences that fit into your customer profile. At Cuebiq we offer premium solutions to take your customer profile to the next level. Once you’ve identified the consumer behaviors that are most valuable for your brand, you can target your media impressions against audience segments that have a higher chance of converting. Take a look at a few examples below:

Branded Audiences

With branded audiences, you can reach segments visiting specific brick-and-mortar store locations, such as Macy’s or Sephora. This can be helpful if you sell a product in a big box store and want to target frequent visitors of that store with your ad. 

For example, if you work at P&G selling Clorox, you could identify a segment of consumers who frequently visits Stop & Shop and then target them with ads. 

Loyalty Audiences

Through loyalty audiences, you can target consumers that display loyal visitation patterns to stores. You can use “day-parting” to understand the most popular time of day consumers visit certain locations to create segments based on preferred time of visit.

For example, if you work at Starbucks, you could target late-afternoon coffee shop consumers in your advertising efforts.

Seasonal Audiences

With seasonal audiences, you can direct your ads to consumers who typically shop for specific holidays or seasonal events. 

For example, if you work at Lowe’s, you can direct your ads toward Holiday Shoppers to drive people searching for gifts into your stores.

To see more offline audiences available for targeting and tips for activating them, be sure to check out our Holiday Audience Targeting Guide.

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