Footfall Attribution: A Behind-the-Scenes Look With Bruna Coppolino, Product Manager

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Wondering what goes on behind the scenes with Cuebiq’s Attribution product? Then you’ll want to hear what Bruna Coppolino, Product Manager on the Attribution team in Milan, has to say. This past summer we got the opportunity to sit down with Bruna and learn about how her team is innovating with the Attribution product, how she establishes process management, and her experience working at Cuebiq so far. Learn about all this and more in our Q&A with her below!

Bruna Product ManagerWhat was your experience like starting at Cuebiq?

In the first month I started working here I spent a lot of time learning about the company, not only the business line, but also Analytics and Audiences. I come from another industry, and while I previously was working in SaaS, I was not in the digital advertising or big data space. After diving into this new experience and learning a lot more about the industry, I was able to achieve ownership of my pod in my second month at Cuebiq. Shortly after, we started onboarding two more engineers. Needless to say, my time at Cuebiq has been very rewarding.

What made you want to work here?

I already knew the company, since it’s part of the startup industry in Milan. I wanted to bring my SaaS experience to the table, as well as gain more experience working with data — in order push myself out of my comfort zone.

What’s the culture like in the Milan office?

Cuebiq Milan is a dynamic office, a family-like environment, where everyone is friends. The company is growing super fast — every week someone new starts. Also, there’s the international aspect of our company. Since our headquarters is in NYC and we have several offices throughout the US, there are often Cuebiq employees visiting our office from abroad — and vice versa, many of us in the Milan office are lucky to travel to the US often!

Besides traveling between Milan and the US, how does your team bridge those offices?

For my team specifically, I’m trying to pick people who are collaborative and have the energy to build bridges internationally. It’s all about identifying the people who have the right attitude, and then supporting them in building working relationships between our Milan and US offices.

How are you innovating with the Attribution product?

We are improving how we build processes; on the tech side we’re innovating with the way we measure TV, which will be very impactful to the industry. We’re also making strides in refining and improving our cross-channel attribution solution, which will help our clients better define their core brand audiences and help them improve their media mix. In terms of how we sell the product, we are innovating a lot. With our platform, we’re selling Attribution as a part of a holistic location intelligence solution — from providing location Analytics, to targeting Audiences, to optimizing and measuring campaigns with Attribution.

How do you establish process management?

In my previous job, I had a team of six developers and two designers. When I left after a year and a half, I had over 20 developers and 4–5 designers; the wider the product lines, the more you have to split the teams. Here at Cuebiq, I assume it will be the same — the R&D department is growing fast. What’s interesting is not just building up Attribution for TV, but also growing the team. It’s exciting to manage the innovation stream for TV, as well as the incremental aspect of the Attribution product.

What’s your management style?

I try to manage softly; I don’t like hierarchies. I like to get things done, and I need the team for that — I try to commit people by setting a goal and helping them achieve it.

What’s the biggest challenge in this growth period?

There are three big ones — two for me, and one for the company. The first is about processes. It’s crucial to be flexible and be able to adapt continuously, because everything changes frequently on the development side. As the team grows, you have to change how you manage the roadmap and how you distribute the work. Sometimes, you have to split the team or recombine resources. The second challenge is communication; you need to be able to motivate people to follow you in new processes and ensure good communication, all while still delivering the product and innovating. The third challenge is maintaining a strong company culture while the company scales, which is not easy, but at Cuebiq, we are doing a great job so far.

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