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Understand consumers’ offline activities and visitation patterns to answer your business’ most pressing questions.

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How It Works


Turn insights into action with Analytics via Cuebiq's SaaS solution, Clara. Thanks to our proprietary machine learning algorithms and advanced AI technology, Clara leverages the most accurate and precise visitation data at scale to help clients unlock consumer-centric brand and competitive insights to drive business strategies and marketing activations.


Identify and segment consumers based on visit habits in the offline world. Target brand loyalists, brand switchers, lapsed consumers and more!

Map consumer patterns

Learn how often they visit a store, how much time they spend there, which locations they prefer, and where consumers go once they leave the store. Benchmark those results vs. industry averages.

Unlock competitive intelligence

Analyze competitors’ performance based on footfall analysis to unlock market share, visitation trends, path to purchase and discover how consumers interact with
competitive brands.

Measure visitation trends

Track growth in foot traffic to brands over a time series. Consistent YoY, QoQ and MoM calculations are empowered by significant historical data and the ability to establish panels of consistent visitors over that history.

Model future brand KPIs

Leverage real-time consumer footfall data to forecast brand sales, revenue, foot traffic, visitation trends and more.

Monitor meaningful events

Monitor in real-time the impact of market-moving announcements, product launches, negative media coverage and more.

We are excited to be partners with Cuebiq as they continue to enhance their tools and technologies that provide their clients with a full visibility of offline behaviors and competitive intelligence.

Marco DeMeireles

Principal, Private Investments


The utilization of location data and location marketing is a growing part of digital advertising. Companies like Cuebiq demonstrate that it is possible to participate in this burgeoning space and still keep consumer privacy as a top priority. We look forward to continuing to work together, especially during this exciting time of rapid innovation in digital advertising.

Leigh Freund

President & CEO


Use Case

Turn insights into action

Identify trends, measure performance, understand consumers’ location behavior and much more—by unlocking the industry’s leading database of consumers’ offline visitation data.

The Solution

Drive your brand marketing, financial & business strategy with location intelligence

Measure market share dynamics

Understand market share dynamics in real time to discover how positive and negative business strategies impact the competitive landscape.

Forecast future revenue

Leverage our predictive analytics based on consumer footfall trends at the brand or company level to forecast future revenue.

Gain competitive intelligence

Reveal brand affinity and consumer cross-shopping activity and trends to gain a unique look at competitive performance.

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Our Commitment to Privacy


We only collect de-identified data.


We analyze data only from users who share their location with our partner apps.

Rights Protection

Our partner apps provide a clear and simple opt-in and opt-out mechanism.


We are a NAI Member and TrustArc certified.