Location Analytics

Support your business strategies and marketing activations with real-world location analytics and actionable consumer insights.

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How It Works

Location Analytics: Map Brand and Competitive Performance

Better understand the offline consumer journey with location analytics that provide use cases, such as: offline competitive intelligence, market-share, consumer preferences, path-to-purchase and much more. Go even further by using Location Analytics to identify areas of growth and activate those insights to drive performance in real-time - learn how.

Footfall Analysis

Measure footfall, offline trends, and share-of-visits to your brand and competitors.

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Loyalty Analysis

Gain deeper insights into consumer loyalty and activate those in real-time.

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Time Analysis

Discover share of visits by day of week and day-part, time spent at your brand vs. competitors.

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Geographical Analysis

Get brand and competitive insights at the national, state, & DMA-level.

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Demographic Analysis

Build better personas with location analytics + demographic data.

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Affinity Analysis

Gain new insights into consumers’ offline interests and their cross-shopping activies.

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We are excited to be partners with Cuebiq as they continue to enhance their tools and technologies that provide their clients with a full visibility of offline behaviors and competitive intelligence.

Marco DeMeireles

Principal, Private Investments


Use Cases

Location Analytics: How to Drive Growth

Identify trends, measure performance, understand consumers’ location behavior and much more for your business vertical.

Use Cases for Location Analytics

Drive your brand marketing, financial & business strategy with location intelligence

Market Share

Understand market share dynamics in real time to discover how business and marketing strategies impact visits to your stores and competitors.

Brand Performance

Leverage our predictive analytics based on consumer footfall trends at the brand or company level to forecast future revenue.

Competitive Intelligence

Reveal brand loyalty, affinities, consumer cross-shopping activities, and offline trends to gain a unique look at competitive performance.

The utilization of location data and location marketing is a growing part of digital advertising. Companies like Cuebiq demonstrate that it is possible to participate in this burgeoning space and still keep consumer privacy as a top priority. We look forward to continuing to work together, especially during this exciting time of rapid innovation in digital advertising.

Leigh Freund

President & CEO


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Our Commitment to Privacy


We only process de-identified data from users who opted in to share their location.


Our partners clearly articulate their relationship with Cuebiq in their Privacy Policy.


We allow users to easily opt-out through several paths: app settings, device settings, TrustArc and the Cuebiq App.


We are NAI members, certified by TrustArc and TAG, and Privacy Shield registered.