Marketing and Innovation Q&A with Andy Stevens, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas

By Rus Ackner / 2 minutes

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Data and insights have revolutionized the advertising industry, giving marketers new and innovative tools to achieve their goals across new and traditional media channels. We invited our partner Andy Stevens, the SVP of Research and Insights at Clear Channel Outdoor, to discuss marketers’ biggest challenges and opportunities, learn how they’re working with location data to inform their strategic planning decisions, and to get the inside scoop on his upcoming panel during Advertising Week in New York, September 26.

Andy Stevens Clear Channel Outdoor Americas

Q: What are marketers’ biggest challenges in defining the right marketing strategies to engage consumers and drive ROI? 

A: In a mobile-first world, brands need powerful messaging and effective advertising solutions in order to succeed. The right mix requires: (1) engaging creative, customized with the right message for the right consumer; (2) cross-channel advertising that reaches your target consumers wherever they are; and (3) the right tools to measure your media, to know if it works.  Such an approach requires balancing the art of storytelling along the consumer journey with a data-driven mindset to guide and optimize the marketing strategy every step of the way.

Q: How does location data help marketers map the consumer journey and how does it come to life in OOH advertising?

A: Location intelligence helps marketers better understand consumers’ offline behaviors, understand how to target them most efficiently and measure the impact of location-based advertising. Thanks to mobile location data, today’s OOH is more targeted and measurable and can be integrated into a broader digital data strategy. For example, here at Clear Channel Outdoor, we team with location partners like Cuebiq to measure who has been exposed to a billboard and then verify if they were driven to a physical location.  Additionally, location insights can be used to identify the best billboard locations to reach specific customers at the right time, based on client objectives and messaging.

Q:  What insights can marketers expect to take away from your Advertising Week panel “Where Storytelling Meets Selling in a Mobile First World”?

A: The panel will bring together a number of executives and marketers who are finding new and exciting ways to engage consumers in the physical world with campaigns that drive results in a measurable way. Joining me on stage will be Tom Lapcevic from 24 Hour Fitness; Grant Munro of Shutterstock Custom; Tham Khai Meng of Ogilvy & Mather and Antonio Tomarchio of Cubeiq.  If you want to learn more about their experiences, challenges, and success stories as they innovate and drive powerful advertising solutions, please join us on September 26 at 12:45 PM at the Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty.

To learn more about how you can use location data to inform your business strategies, contact us today.

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