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Developing a Cutting Edge Control Group

By Cuebiq Marketing Team

Cuebiq has made big changes during the last two years with a laser focus on meaningful attributes that directly address probability of visiting stores. Thanks to quality and scale of our location data, we have created a methodology that describes a device with a richer depth than ever before. 

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The Big Memorial Weekend Getaway is Back!

Source: Daily Mail

More than 37.1 million Americans are expected to hit the road and take to the skies this weekend -...

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Cuebiq on Location Data Advancements and How Privacy Plays a Role

This article was written before Cuebiq deprecated our SDK, which you can learn more about in this blog....

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3 Ways TV Advertisers Need to Change Their Measurement Outlook

What do marketers really want from a TV attribution solution, and how does that compare to what...

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Disconnecting Media from Measurement in the Mobile Location Space

I remember when I was a kid, I loved Lucky Charms cereal, along with Franken Berry, Cap'n Crunch... the...


Kochava and Cuebiq Partner to Measure the Impact of OOH Advertising in Driving App Downloads

For the first time, brands will have the ability to accurately attribute OOH campaigns to app downloads, similarly to mobile or desktop Sandpoint, Idaho and New York, (September 30, 2019) — Today, brands can better understand the effectiveness of out-of-home (OOH) or digital out-of-home (DOOH) in driving app downloads...

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What Is Consumer Compatibility and Why Is It Important for Your Brand?

In an age of personalized subscription boxes and customizable AR experiences, consumers are increasingly expecting a shopping...

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The Power of Merging Location and TV Data

When you think about location data, you might not immediately think about sports. However, when you merge...

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What It’s Like to Be Head of Engineering at Cuebiq: A Q&A With Marco Funaro

This past summer, we had the chance to interview Cuebiq’s Head of Engineering, Marco Funaro. Having been...

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2019 Holiday Audience Targeting Guide

Elevate Your Media Campaigns With Cuebiq Audiences   Download our Holiday Audience Targeting Guide to learn: Holiday recommendations to...

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Privacy: What to Keep in Mind as You Build Your Data Stack

Originally posted by IAB on 1/22 here. The recently released IAB guide “Defining the Data...

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Do Super Bowl Ads Drive Store Visits?

Super Bowl ads can be memorable, go viral, win awards — and for some, are more important than...

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How to Measure TV Advertising With Real-World Consumer Actions

Despite the fact that ad loads are increasing, TV viewership is gradually shrinking. Given this reality, it’s...

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From Conga Lines to Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Cuebiq Retreat 2k18 in the Bahamas

A five-day trip to the Bahamas... for work? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well,...


Cuebiq’s Data for Good Program Provides UNICEF with High-Precision Human Mobility Data for Real-Time Response to Humanitarian Needs

Data sharing partnership will support UNICEF’s efforts around epidemiology, disaster preparedness and response, and detecting demographic biases in developing regions New York, (September 10, 2019) – Cuebiq, a leader in offline location intelligence and consumer insights, today announced a partnership with United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Through its Data...

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Working in Cuebiq’s Milan Office: A Q&A With Ivan Parenti

For our third employee spotlight from our trip to Milan, we’re featuring Cuebiq’s own Head of Product...

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4 Top Secrets for Succeeding in Product at a Tech Startup

Are you interested in what makes a successful product manager at a tech startup? From creating sound...

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Footfall Attribution: A Behind-the-Scenes Look With Bruna Coppolino, Product Manager

Wondering what goes on behind the scenes with Cuebiq’s Attribution product? Then you’ll want to hear what...


Cuebiq helps Ad Council measure vaccination campaigns

Source: PR Week

Cuebiq has partnered with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to measure the It’s Up To You campaigns that educate Americans about the vaccine.