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Fueling Innovation With Data: The Power of Platform as a Service

By Isabel Sperry

Our new white paper explains how a platform as a service such as Cuebiq Workbench is key to innovating with data, as it empowers marketers, developers, and analysts alike to build custom, data-driven solutions to fit their needs, all in a privacy-enhanced environment.

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Cuebiq and Brightline Team Up to Enhance OTT Ad Buys with Footfall Attribution

New capabilities prove ad value, optimize spending, and can influence the creation of more effective creative. New York, NY (August 8, 2018) – Cuebiq, a leader in location intelligence, and Brightline, the market standard for Advanced TV, today announced their partnership to provide media owners and advertisers with footfall attribution capabilities...

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Cuebiq on Location Data Advancements and How Privacy Plays a Role

This article was written before Cuebiq deprecated our SDK, which you can learn more about in this blog....

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3 Ways TV Advertisers Need to Change Their Measurement Outlook

What do marketers really want from a TV attribution solution, and how does that compare to what...

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Disconnecting Media from Measurement in the Mobile Location Space

I remember when I was a kid, I loved Lucky Charms cereal, along with Franken Berry, Cap'n Crunch... the...


SalesTechStar Interview with Brennan Lake, Senior Director of Research Partnerships & Data for Good at Cuebiq

Source: SalesTechStar

Brennan Lake, Senior Director of Research Partnerships & Data for Good at Cuebiq shares a few insights on key...

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What Is Consumer Compatibility and Why Is It Important for Your Brand?

In an age of personalized subscription boxes and customizable AR experiences, consumers are increasingly expecting a shopping...

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The New Metrics That Matter for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Without knowing or having the ability to understand what is actually driving consumers to the store, retail marketers are...

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The Power of Merging Location and TV Data

When you think about location data, you might not immediately think about sports. However, when you merge...


86% of Retail Marketers Are Currently Utilizing Location Data

As back-to-school season looms, the retail sector is at the forefront of using location data to understand the offline consumer journey. New York, NY (July 16, 2018) – 92% of retail marketers plan to increase their use of location data over the next two years, according to research commissioned by...

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What It’s Like to Be Head of Engineering at Cuebiq: A Q&A With Marco Funaro

This past summer, we had the chance to interview Cuebiq’s Head of Engineering, Marco Funaro. Having been...

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Privacy: What to Keep in Mind as You Build Your Data Stack

Originally posted by IAB on 1/22 here. The recently released IAB guide “Defining the Data...

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Do Super Bowl Ads Drive Store Visits?

Super Bowl ads can be memorable, go viral, win awards — and for some, are more important than...

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How to Measure TV Advertising With Real-World Consumer Actions

Despite the fact that ad loads are increasing, TV viewership is gradually shrinking. Given this reality, it’s...


69% of QSR Marketers Plan to Increase Use of Location Data

Three in four marketers state that enhancing loyalty programs is their “most likely” use for location intelligence over the next two years. New York, NY (June 29, 2018) – More than two-thirds of QSR marketers, some 69%, plan to increase their use of location data over the next two years,...

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From Conga Lines to Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Cuebiq Retreat 2k18 in the Bahamas

A five-day trip to the Bahamas... for work? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well,...

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Working in Cuebiq’s Milan Office: A Q&A With Ivan Parenti

For our third employee spotlight from our trip to Milan, we’re featuring Cuebiq’s own Head of Product...

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4 Top Secrets for Succeeding in Product at a Tech Startup

Are you interested in what makes a successful product manager at a tech startup? From creating sound...


82% of Marketers Plan To Increase Use Of Location Data

Interest in offline/online integration a primary driver, but desire for better consumer insights and competitive intelligence seen as factor for increased use moving forward New York, NY (May 29, 2018) – An overwhelming majority of marketers, some 82%, plan to increase their use of location data over the next two...