Voicing Concerns That Existing TV and Cross-Platform Measurement is Insufficient, Marketers are “Settling” for Attribution Tools

By Cuebiq Marketing Team / 4 minutes

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New whitepaper explores marketers’ challenges and desires when it comes to cross-platform measurement, especially TV attribution

New York, NY, March 20, 2019 – Cuebiq, a leader in consumer insights and measurement, today announced the release of a whitepaper detailing the findings from a study they commissioned to Advertiser Perceptions, exploring the gaps in what marketers want from TV attribution solutions and how that compares to what they are able to deploy today.

While expanding media mixes more accurately reflect the way consumers engage with content, leading marketers and agencies report frustration when it comes to attributing values, conversions, and achieving deduplicated reach with cross-channel measurement.

The paper captures the industry perspective on planning and measurement in a multitouch reality, based on a study of 150 U.S. advertising decision makers, from both media agencies and leading brands across a mix of job titles and market sectors.

According to the study, the sheer abundance of platforms, all with their unique constraints, are difficult to manage and often leave much to be desired. Many advertisers report feeling they have “settled” with their TV attribution solutions. When asked what they are looking for in a solution marketers list transparent and verifiable reach and frequency data, better consumer identity data, and a focus on faster turnaround.

Cuebiq commissioned the study as part of the development of a TV attribution solution that would incorporate location intelligence and more accurately identify new opportunities for advertisers to optimize their media mix.

Respondents stated that demographic insights, network and daypart performance are the most important reporting types for TV measurements. Additionally, both agencies and brand marketers rank the ability to differentiate campaign performance by channel as a top output for a location-based solution to offer.

However, there are some differences between what marketers and agencies are looking for. Marketer respondents are more focused on interoperability and data cohesion, while agencies are looking for more actionable insights from partner platforms, complemented by nuanced information about consumer behavior before and after ad exposure.

“In their skepticism of the relationship between visits and sales, marketers and stakeholders are missing opportunities to take location-based attribution measurement to its full potential,” says Antonio Tomarchio, founder and CEO of Cuebiq. “Marketers should utilize footfall attribution to refine their target audiences and create a feedback loop that helps them optimize their spend.”

While 9-in-10 advertisers in the study have worked with a location-solution provider, interviews revealed that brands and agencies have yet to tap into the full range of use cases. By including footfall data as part of a robust TV attribution solution, Cuebiq provides insight into the relative impact of different channels along the customer journey.

Key takeaways from the study include:

  1. Ask more of your TV attribution solutions. Work with partners to leverage attribution for strategy and planning in new ways, across your media mix. Don’t settle.
  2. Location intelligence is an attribution enhancement. Visits tell a broader, actionable story outside of ROI.
  3. Partners must deliver privacy, granularity, scale, and ease of use. An attribution measurement investment needs to hit these marks for full value.

“The research showed that advertisers are most interested in understanding conversion and engagement tied to specific media, but that the complexity of integrating data sources and concerns about the inability to measure consumers across platforms, is holding back their success,” says Justin Fromm, vice president of business intelligence at Advertiser Perceptions. “This report showcases ways in which marketers and stakeholders can better understand how to take location-based attribution measurement to its full potential within their businesses.”

About Cuebiq

Cuebiq is a leading location intelligence and measurement company leveraging the largest database of accurate and precise location data in the U.S.  With the launch of its TV attribution solution, Cuebiq rounds out its existing digital and out-of-home measurement capabilities with a cross-channel view of how the media mix, including both linear and advanced television, impacts the customer journey to brick-and-mortar locations. The offering integrates opt-in TV viewing data from multiple partners into Cuebiq’s AI-driven platform, Clara, which is powered by the largest database of opt-in, anonymous, and accurate location data in the United States.