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Mobility Flows Analysis

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Mobility Flows Analysis

As commuters begin to establish new travel patterns, it will be critical for essential services and utilities to understand how and where populations flow so they can prioritize services accordingly. For example, telecommunication, public transportation, and utility companies will all need to make adjustments to their service prioritization based on if and/or when remote workers in major metropolitan areas begin to return to their offices.


Methodology:  The Mobility Flow Analysis analyzes  inter-county device movement via the following:

  • Total Mobility Flow: Arrival Rate + Departure Rate (deduplicated)
  • Arrival Rate: The ratio of devices arriving to the county to total users seen in that county on that date.
  • Departure Rate: The ratio of devices departing the county to total devices seen in that county on that date.
  • Net Flow Rate: Arrival Rate – Departure Rate

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