Why APIs Are Essential to Developers Today

By Rus Ackner / 2 minutes

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For developers, time is of the essence — and Application Programming Interfaces are major time-savers. With APIs, developers can automate manual processes and eliminate the need for human involvement, saving them valuable time. They can also lay the groundwork to enable different ecosystem players to innovate independently and develop specialized solutions. Learn more about the specific benefits of APIs for developers below. 

Routine Task Automation

One of the key challenges developers face is building uploading tools. Having to go into s3 to download files and then porting them into their own platforms is very time-consuming. APIs can help streamline that process by automating manual processes and extracting performance data in real time, thus eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

For example, APIs enable developers to autofill information into forms and tables. They also allow developers to gain real-time access to information rather than accessing the data on a scheduled cadence.

Ecosystem Innovation

We know that it’s often not ideal to have many different platforms with different logins. With APIs, developers can combine data from multiple parties into their platform of choice to develop specialized solutions and enable independent innovation. Having multiple players in the ecosystem come together enables developers to provide a more complete solution that is interoperable.

For example, developers can use APIs to build specialized solutions for their customers or partners. With an API strategy, developers can partner more flexibly with multiple vendors to build a more cohesive solution. 

Audience Extraction

Finally, developers can use APIs to simplify workflows with turn-key extractions of custom audiences and data feeds. Alternatively, when it comes to audience creation, they can integrate the Cuebiq Audience Builder functionality into their own platform. With the Cuebiq Audience Builder, brands and agencies can create custom audience segments based on real-world visitation patterns. 

These are just some of the many benefits APIs offer developers in terms of saving them time and streamlining their data integration efforts. Stay tuned for more content around APIs on the Cuebiq blog, and check out this blog if you’d like to learn more about location data quality.

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