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We got the opportunity to sit down with Adam Paz, Vice President, East, of Viant — a partner of Cuebiq that specializes in people-based advertising technology. Read on to learn about Adam’s view on OOH & DOOH advertising measurement, technological advancements in the space, and more! 

Adam Paz, Viant

How will DOOH advertising complement display budgets for marketers? And how can marketers take advantage of DSPs that offer both Digital & OOH?

Marketers are ultimately looking for solutions that provide insight into the complete consumer journey and every touchpoint along that journey. While DOOH is inherently a one-to-many medium (whereas digital provides a one-to-one connection), the technology has evolved to allow for further convergence between these channels. By leveraging a DSP that offers both digital and OOH, marketers can better understand how these channels interact and how exposure against multiple channels impacts consumer behavior.

With so many technological advancements in the past few years, in your opinion — which innovation has helped the most when it comes to OOH & DOOH advertising?

Having the connective tissue in place to marry a user’s online and offline footprint is a boost to consumer intelligence. As it relates to OOH, we can now understand which users were exposed to an OOH event and link that to everything else we know about consumer segments. By leveraging offline data like Cuebiq’s, we can know that consumers had the opportunity to see a specific OOH event, and then follow the remainder of the consumer journey. Did those consumers visit the advertiser’s website? Did they walk into that advertiser’s retail location? Did they buy a product from the advertiser? All of that is now possible.

A Viant case study was featured in Cuebiq’s latest Footfall Attribution Benchmarks report. The case study focused on how Cuebiq helped Viant measure ad effectiveness and consumer engagement for a leading Home Furniture brand. How do you leverage insights like Brand Uplift (ROI on in-store visits) and consumer insights, like Dwell Time, to improve ROAS for future campaigns?

The industry is moving beyond observed digital metrics (like click-through rate) to true real-world outcomes (like footfall or purchase). By leveraging the insights available to us via Cuebiq, we can optimize campaigns mid-flight against outcomes that marketers care about. We’re less reliant on proxies and more focused on behaviors that drive return for advertisers.

There have been so many advancements in offline intelligence and footfall attribution over the last few years — what stands out the most to you and why?

If you rewind 10 years or so, advertisers leveraged behavioral data based on how a user was interacting with the internet — a user’s website traversal and search behaviors were indicators of their purchase intent. With the advent of mobile intelligence and offline data accessibility, the new form of behavioral targeting is how a user engages with the real world. The promise for marketers is two-fold — first, they can better understand a user’s real-world behavior; second, they can combine that intelligence with those digital indicators to develop a comprehensive view of the consumer.

How has partnering with Cuebiq helped you better understand the consumer journey? And how have you leveraged those insights to drive even more brand growth for your clients?

Given the ubiquity of mobile devices and how we leverage them all day and every day, the insights that Cuebiq brings to the table are invaluable. By leveraging insights derived from high-quality mobility data to enrich other user attributes, marketers can analyze the consumer journey across more channels than ever before. This empowers us to get more creative with the types of measurement we can offer our advertisers; for example, we can even bridge linear TV exposure to in-store visitation and actual purchase, bringing further accountability to more traditional marketing channels.

It seems like new innovations and trends are emerging daily — in your opinion, what should marketers be on the lookout for when it comes to driving growth? And how will it help them the most?

Advertiser spend has always been linked to the quality of measurement available — with the advent of universal identifiers and diverse data assets that illuminate the physical consumer journey, marketers should be on the lookout for platforms that unlock this potential. By leveraging best-in-class data alongside superior technology, brand marketing organizations can show how their various investments are driving business outcomes. As channels further converge, it’s critical that marketers understand the potential tools available to them and better customize how they speak to consumers for a cohesive narrative.

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