Breakfast Meetings And Brand Marketing: My First Few Weeks at Cuebiq

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As I was brought to the desk that would be mine for the next nine weeks, I was welcomed by a Cuebiq Patagonia backpack, Patagonia fleece zip-up jacket, Swell bottle, and brand new MacBook Air, among other things. My best friend Jordan would probably freak out if she knew, as Patagonia is her favorite brand. It was my first day as a Brand Marketing Intern at Cuebiq and I had been anxiously waiting to start ever since I was offered the position, a short two weeks ago. “Hanging out,” aka not working or doing anything productive, was not really my thing, as it got old very quickly. I had just come back from a semester abroad in London and after a very boring first month of summer at home, I was ready to get back to the work grind, in my favorite city ever: New York, of course.

Marketing at a Location Intelligence Company

Although I am a journalism major, I found a love for marketing last summer during my first internship in the city, where I produced blog content and social media coverage. I soon realized I was able to continue that passion for writing and social media at Cuebiq and was excited to learn all about the offline consumer journey.

My first task was to help compile the “Daily Digest.” What’s that, you might ask? A daily email sent out to the team highlighting the latest trending articles on the company, competition, location data industry trends, retail, and more. I subscribed to all their main news publications and set up Google alerts that flagged any important names or company announcements. This was perfect for me as I love reading the news and even found myself staying more on top of it because of my internship. I immersed and familiarized myself with many industries and got into a routine of jumping into those morning emails and tackling the latest news.

Like I mentioned, social media has always been my thing. Not to brag or anything, but I was runner-up for the social media superlative in high school and you bet, I’ll still be holding myself to that standard. Creating thought leadership tweets became my newest assignment. This meant brainstorming ways to be a thought leader on Cuebiq’s Twitter by tweeting out relevant news articles with sharp, compelling captions. Like when IHOP changed to IHOb? Yup, we tweeted about that. I also participated in Adweek’s weekly chat by answering questions pertaining to the advertising industry, while helping get Cuebiq’s name out there. At one point, Adweek retweeted and followed me, so it wasn’t half bad! Engagement is crucial, especially on Twitter, so the more accounts you interact with, the better.

Social Media Influencers and Brand Marketing

In addition, I compiled a list of Cuebiq Influencers on Twitter, broken down by industry (Journalism, Content Marketing, Tech, and Big Data) in order to be strategic and most effective in our social media content. These people can help shine a light as to what is trending and whom we should be targeting. I also put together a list of all of Cuebiq’s Twitter followers and analyzed whether they were qualified accounts or not.

The sad reality is that fake followers are everywhere and are useful to no one. Separating them from real, well-known figures helps Cuebiq uncover who is actually interested in their company and how to continue attracting people of that background. Lastly, I had the privilege of coming up with questions for the four founders of our company, which was awesome for me as I got to learn about the history of Cuebiq and how it became a successful reality, leading to the creation of our platform. Pulling out my reporting skills is always a thrill for me, so I made it my mission to dig into the core of these founders and what makes them a unique, integral part of the company. No boring, overused questions allowed.

Brand Values and Company Culture

Speaking of the founders, company culture is huge at Cuebiq. When people aren’t Slack messaging the office good news of a closed deal, a new hire, or a team question, they are going out to lunch together or gathering around what they call their own SaaS platform, aka the office’s kitchen island, for their weekly happy hour. While we typically have our Monday marketing meeting in the conference room, we’ll sometimes switch it up and have it at a breakfast place instead, sharing our latest updates over egg sandwiches. Yes, food culture is huge here, too. No one’s birthday goes by without a cupcake-filled celebration, and we just starting having daily catered lunches in the office, which I’m definitely not complaining about.

At Cuebiq, work is not just an individual position; it’s a team effort. The people here truly care about each other and are always rooting for one another’s successes. I am constantly meeting new people, making friends, and collaborating with the other interns on our summer internship project. Cuebiq is so much more than a location intelligence company; it’s a community. I attend meetings with the marketing team each week, and my opinion is valued when it comes to ideas and communicating with my bosses. And the team just keeps growing. Lots of new hires have started, making us both bigger and stronger. I feel lucky to be a part of Cuebiq this summer, where I look forward to continue growing both personally and professionally, as an aspiring marketer and team player.

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