The Evolution of Cuebiq’s Company Culture Over the Years

By Anna Livaccari / 4 minutes

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When evaluating a company to join, there are many factors that come to mind. You need to ensure that you are on board with the company’s mission, believe in their product offering, and of course receive competitive compensation. However, one of the most important factors these days is a strong company culture. Coming from someone who has a fair number of years under their “career belt,” I can honestly say that Cuebiq is a company that gets it right.  

Establishing a Strong Company Culture

I started out in the NYC office as employee No. 4 of our company, when culture was something that was extremely hard to practice — since our office was the size of a bathroom stall. Despite this hurdle, our founders made sure that company culture was a key part of what we were to become. Early on, our CEO Antonio wanted to get to know the team on a personal level outside the office, so he made sure to have regular lunches and dinners with us. This was just the beginning of creating the foundation for a strong company culture — from there, things took off.  

Cuebiq team at dinner

We needed to establish a bond between our American and Italian offices, and a great way to do that was through travel. Our founders decided that the first annual trip would be to Milan, for an immersive experience in the city where our company was founded. We partook in a team-building exercise of rugby, followed by an all-inclusive evening of food, drinks, and dancing. Leadership has continued this amazing tradition and has taken the employees of the company on retreats that many would dream about — on cultural tours through Prague, down the waterslides of Atlantis in Nassau, and to the Italian Alps to eat the finest foods.

Nowadays, the company culture has grown beyond just incredible trips. Leadership personally ensures that the employees of Cuebiq are taken care of and well fed — just as any Italian mother would expect. Daily lunches are provided from various vendors around New York City, snacks are available (even healthy options!), and you can try your hand at Mario Kart or ping pong for a break in the day. Sports leagues, yoga in the office, and quarterly team summits are also part of the fun.

Trust, Generosity, and Transparency

The Cuebiq culture is more than just fun, games, and food. I think the most important part of the culture is the trust that leadership has in its employees. Cuebiq is not a place where you are going to be micromanaged nor is it a place that is going to count your PTO and give you a hard time for a much-needed vacation. Other companies will not allow you to work from home. Cuebiq’s policy is one that if you are getting your work done to the level that is expected, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

If I could describe Cuebiq’s culture in one word, it would be “generous” — it describes the price leadership pays to ensure Cuebiq employees are enjoying their time at the company. It also describes the fact that Cuebiq knows employees have a life outside the office. The company is generous in providing unlimited time off and work-from-home policies that allow people to refresh and get things done that they might not have been able to do while working in the office.

I have seen tech companies that promise certain things during job interviews but don’t deliver on them. Cuebiq is not one of those places. Transparency is one of our core values and it is truth. We are transparent about our products. We are transparent about data collection. We are transparent about our culture. The best part is, everyone has a hand in creating and contributing to our company culture. We look forward to continuing to add amazing people to our company who contribute to what we have built. The future is something to be extremely excited about here at Cuebiq. Next stop: the moon!

If you’re interested in learning more about Cuebiq and our company culture, be sure to check out our current job openings.

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Anna Livaccari, Growth Marketing Manager

Anna is a Boston College grad, loves being outdoors, and is a huge foodie.