Cuebiq Visit Intelligence Now Available in Amazon’s AWS Data Exchange

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New partnership makes subscribing to high-quality location data a breeze.

Amazon’s AWS Data Exchange is a new service that makes it easy for millions of AWS customers to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. Cuebiq is thrilled to be among the first certified partners available within the AWS Data Exchange. This partnership makes Cuebiq’s industry-leading Visit Intelligence easily accessible to AWS customers. The initial phase of the partnership makes visitation insights available to customers for marketing and non-marketing use cases in automotive, QSR, retail, entertainment, grocery, financial services, hotels, and transportation verticals. 

All Cuebiq data that is available through AWS Data Exchange is compliant with our Future-Proof Privacy approach. This approach to privacy meets not only existing privacy regulations but is also focused on setting higher standards and industry best practices, to ultimately be prepared for future regulation that might come into effect. This stance is made possible by the fact that Cuebiq is the only location intelligence company that collects 100% first-party data. We have a direct link to the app publishers, which ensures compliance with the four key privacy principles of consent, control, transparency, and accountability. This also allows us to maintain a direct link to the end users, ensuring that we can disclose the terms of our data collection and enable opt-in and opt-out. 

Currently, the data available from Cuebiq on AWS Data Exchange is exclusively aggregate visitation data providing insights on visitation patterns at commercial locations. When being utilized for marketing use cases, these types of aggregated insights are ideal for campaign planning, audience targeting and segmentation, and cross-channel measurement. When being utilized in non-marketing use cases, such as transportation use analysis or real-estate evaluation, visitation insights can be used to understand the impact of strategic investments based on how consumers are moving through the world. For example, a large retail brand may want to evaluate a new location for a storefront. By utilizing visitation insights the brand would be able to quantify the performance potential of a prospective location, run due diligence for upcoming investments based on historical footfall trends, quantify cannibalization risk of opening a new store, as well as identify in-fill opportunities within existing markets. Alternatively, if the same retailer prefers to focus on optimizing their current locations, they can use Cuebiq’s Visit Intelligence to evaluate underperforming locations for potential closure or relocation by measuring visits at designated locations, building audience segments to improve store traffic for existing locations, and accelerate the ramp-up of new locations.

For more information on use cases that apply to marketers as a whole, as well as industry-specific use cases such as transportation and real estate, you can download the solutions below.

About Cuebiq:

Cuebiq is a leading consumer insights and measurement company, providing brands and marketers with a trusted, high-quality, and transparent currency for offline visitation data to map and measure the consumer journey. Cuebiq is at the forefront of industry privacy standards, follows a privacy-compliant framework in its data collection, and was one of the very first location providers certified by leading privacy association, NAI.

Cuebiq gives brands and marketers access to the largest database of anonymous and accurate location data in the United States. Its AI-driven platform offers audiences as well as cross-channel and TV attribution capabilities, which empower brands and marketers to make better, more-informed business decisions and marketing strategies. 

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