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A Marketer’s Guide to Attribution – Part IV

By Claire Molinaro / 2 minutes

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Post campaign Attribution reports are crucial when understanding the true impact of a campaign. They provide offline ROI measurement as well as produce meaningful insights for future strategic planning. However, wouldn’t it be great to get daily insights on how your campaign is driving in-store visits? Well, these kinds of tools do exist and are extremely useful for savvy marketers.

In-Flight Attribution tools can give marketers the number of visits their campaign is driving DAILY! This is extremely valuable, as it allows marketers to understand which part of the campaign is driving in-store visits and which part(s) are simply not working.

Use Case For Marketers: Once you know how your campaign is driving offline visits, the possibilities for optimization are endless. Seeing day-by-day comparisons that measure a campaign’s effectiveness, lets marketers identify the best and worst parts of their campaign. By looking at the offline performance of a specific creative, publisher or geo allows marketers to visualize in real-time, exactly how well the campaign is driving visits. For example, if a Tech publisher is running a large amount of media in Kansas and is over performing, then it would be wise to shift budgets from underperforming publishers and or geos to the parts of the campaign that are performing best. Maybe 2 out of 3 creatives in certain Geos are performing very well, these insights allow marketers to change the creative rotation in order to maximize in-store visits and conversions. With these type of daily insights, marketers can truly see the impact of their changes and gain a new visibility into the offline world.

So What Does This All Mean?

Understanding how to use Attribution tools is not only easy but extremely helpful. The hardest part now is evaluating which location providers have the best Attribution solutions. For now, just remember these 4 key terms: Accuracy, Precision, Transparency and Scale! Memorizing these terms will be very helpful when evaluating location providers, but that’s a different story for a different time…stay tuned and good luck!

About the Author

Claire Molinaro, Director, Product Marketing

Claire has 10 years of experience in Product Marketing and Sales Enablement, with a focus on Advertising Technology and Software as a Service. Prior to Cuebiq, she led Product Marketing at Mediaocean.