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Developing a Cutting Edge Control Group

By Cuebiq Marketing Team

Cuebiq has made big changes during the last two years with a laser focus on meaningful attributes that directly address probability of visiting stores. Thanks to quality and scale of our location data, we have created a methodology that describes a device with a richer depth than ever before. 

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Q&A With Jon Friedman: Helping Clients Unlock the Power of Location Data

We sat down with Jon Friedman, who leads the Marketing Solutions team at Cuebiq. Learn about Jon’s...

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Consumer Privacy in 2022: Cuebiq’s Outlook on Data Sharing

In 2022, we find ourselves firmly in the information age where data sharing is a common and...


Basis Technologies Helps Marketers to Find Customers that Lost Brand Interest Because of COVID

Basis Automation Platform Integrates Cuebiq Audience Segments of Pre-COVID In-Person Shoppers to Re-Engage Them on Any Digital Channel Chicago...

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It’s Time To Customize Your Measurement Solution

After a never-ending last year, it’s finally 2022 — and this new year brings a host of...

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The Inside Scoop: What IDFA Opt-In Enforcement Really Means

After almost a year of anticipation, Apple has released its latest software update, iOS 14.5, along with...

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Looking Ahead to 2021: Q&A with Cuebiq’s Antonio Tomarchio

Originally posted by LiveRamp on 12/08 here. As 2020 draws to a close, we’re looking to the year ahead,...


Back-to-School Foot Traffic Data Indicate a Dull Holiday Season. But it’s Not So Simple

Source: TotalRetail

CEO Antonio Tomarchio spoke with TotalRetail about how foot traffic from this year's back-to-school season and the COVID-19 pandemic...

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How Cuebiq Mobility Insights Can Help Your Business

Want to understand how Mobility Insights can help your business during and after the...

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How To Spur COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination With Location Data

It’s that time of year again: flu season. As you may have read, it’s more important than...

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Privacy and Accountability: Why We Created a Sensitive Points of Interest Policy

Offline intelligence can be incredibly powerful. At Cuebiq, we’ve seen firsthand how our mobility data insights can...


Cuebiq Joins AWS Accelerate Program

Cuebiq Workbench, now available in AWS Marketplace, provides customers access to high-quality, granular and privacy-safe geospatial data...

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The Retail Revolution: How the Pandemic Has Changed the Game

There are a few ways that brick-and-mortar has always differentiated itself—all of which are centered around maintaining...

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To Travel or Not To Travel: Americans Grapple With State Restrictions

Millions of Americans have been planning end-of-summer trips to get away. According to AAA, booking trends reveal...

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Cuebiq in the News: Top Press Hits of 2020

The past few months have been tumultuous, to say the least. If you’ve been...

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Groundbreaking Moments for Cuebiq in 2020

2020 has been quite the year for Cuebiq. Learn about the ways we've innovated, from launching incrementality at the...

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5 Data-Quality Elements That Are Key for APIs

The best APIs are simple and clean, predictable and discoverable. But to achieve your business goals, APIs...

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Data Tells All: Reopening Bars Correlates With New Coronavirus Cases

Hopes of the United States following a linear path to recovery from the coronavirus have been quashed...

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Why APIs Are Essential to Developers Today

For developers, time is of the essence — and Application Programming Interfaces are major time-savers. With APIs,...