Data Security: The Key To Your Brand Safety

By Anna Livaccari / 2 minutes

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If you’re evaluating a partner in the data space, there are many considerations. The topic of privacy is probably top of mind, with Apple’s IDFA opt-in enforcement. Yet while privacy is no doubt paramount, it goes hand in hand with a less sexy but equally important consideration: security. 

Data Protection Elements To Consider

In your evaluation, it’s critical to answer the question: How well is the partner equipped to protect their data? There are several key elements to consider. First, it’s important to identify whether the partner has its own internal security team, and thus places an emphasis on data protection. Next, you can assess the security team’s protocol. Finally, it’s essential to determine whether the security team routinely tests their security products to find any flaws — before hackers do! 

By assessing these criteria, you can better understand whether your data will be safe and secure when you select a given partner. You’ll also avoid the significant risk of a data breach that could come with working with a nonsecure partner. In this way, the conversation about security directly relates to that of brand safety — data breaches can be extremely detrimental to brand reputation and have lasting consequences. As follows, security is the key to protecting your brand.

Cuebiq’s Stance on Security

At Cuebiq, we exhibit a security-first mindset, born out of our respect for the value and sensitivity of the assets we manage. Cuebiq follows all security best practices and International Standards, such as NIST and CIS Critical Security Controls. Additionally, Cuebiq’s core systems are hosted on Amazon Web Services, ISO27001 certified, and are PCI DSS Level compliant.

Paired with our strong privacy framework, our security practices will ensure your data remains safe and secure. To learn more about our privacy practices and our outlook on data sharing, check out this blog from our Chief Privacy Officer.

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