Wine Tasting and Working From Home: Coming back to Cuebiq

By Anna Livaccari / 4 minutes

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Since the start of the pandemic, working from home has become commonplace. My first day at Cuebiq didn’t involve taking the subway, grabbing coffee, and sitting at a new desk, but rather walking across the room in my small apartment in Brooklyn and sitting at a fold-up desk I got on Facebook Marketplace with a coffee I brewed in my kitchen.

Despite my four-second commute, my first day as Content Marketing Associate wasn’t much different from my first day as Growth Marketing Intern at Cuebiq two years ago. I met with my manager, Isabel, via Zoom, and introduced myself to my coworkers via Slack. Instead of a handshake, I was greeted with welcoming messages and fun emojis, but the essence was the same.

New Hires: Learning About Mobility Data

On my third day, I started my new hire orientation with several other new hires from all over the US and Italy. As Cuebiq is an international company with offices in New York, Milan, Chicago, and San Francisco, it was no surprise when a few of my new coworkers announced they were tuning in from places like Washington, DC and central Italy. 

The orientation sessions lasted a week, during which we got to speak with several executives at Cuebiq, like Gerald Smith, Brennan Lake, and Jon Friedman. Cuebiq’s CEO, Antonio Tomarchio, welcomed each of us personally and gave us a bit of company history. He took us back to November 2014, when he first realized the potential for human mobility data, and the idea for Cuebiq was born. Since then, he has ensured that the company continues to innovate and evolve according to the standards and values he’s embraced since 2014, such as Cuebiq’s future-proof privacy approach and commitment to transparency. 

New Products: Launching Cuebiq Workbench

My second week, I relaunched The Digest, a compilation of relevant articles distributed to all employees. I read dozens of industry publications each morning to stay informed and to ensure that the most important articles are selected for the newsletter each week. This was a project I had helped with as an intern, and it remains a great way to get acquainted with relevant industries and the location data space.

I’ve also returned at an exciting time — less than two weeks after starting, Cuebiq launched Workbench, a data-neutral ecosystem that makes open innovation accessible to all. As Antonio presented the idea to the new hires, he couldn’t contain his excitement. He explained that Workbench fulfills the mission he set out to solve over five years ago: Cuebiq can now serve mobility-related use cases across many industries with ease, whether it be advertising, finance, real estate, consulting, or public health.

New Culture: Enjoying Virtual Events

While at home, though we no longer get to play ping pong like we did in the office, the Cuebiq company culture is alive and well. During my second week, I attended a virtual wine tasting with my coworkers, where a sommelier led us through an actual tasting and educated us on the history and varieties of wine. There is also an increased emphasis on employee mental health — the month of June is Cuebiq Wellness Month, where we will be engaging in a lecture series and meditation class. I am thrilled to be back at Cuebiq, not only because I believe the work we are doing is groundbreaking and impactful, but because the people and culture are so great!

Wine Bottle and Glass on Desk Next To Zoom Meeting

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