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How to Reach Audiences During the COVID-19 Crisis

Over just a few weeks, the advertising landscape as we know it has dramatically changed. The rise of the novel…

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According to 451 Research, marketers are becoming location data experts. Find out more in our latest research white paper…

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Offline Measurement: The Solution to Your Marketing Problems This Year

As I sat down to write this blog about marketing in 2020, I reflected on 2019 and looked at all…

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The Inside Scoop on Working for a Location Intelligence Company: A Recent Grad’s Perspective

Starting your first job out of college can be very intimidating, but also exciting. Among other lessons,...


Leverage key events to drive shoppers in-store

Source: Retail Dive

As a retailer, there are a number of tentpole events that you can leverage to drive shoppers in-store. With...

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3 Ways Retailers Can Transform Their Stores to Compete With Amazon in the Digital Age

If you’re a retailer, Amazon is probably on your mind 24/7. The e-commerce giant has increasingly been...


Visualizing where rich and poor people really cross paths–or don’t

Source: FastCompany

Despite predictions that brick-and-mortar stores would be swallowed up by e-commerce, physical retail may be making a comeback. Amazon...

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4 Tips for Tackling the Tech Startup Life as an Intern

Being an intern is often an exciting and challenging experience for a college student, especially at a...


Want To Drive Foot Traffic To Your Store? Try These 13 Brick-And-Mortar Marketing Tactics

Source: Forbes

Despite predictions that brick-and-mortar stores would be swallowed up by e-commerce, physical retail may be making a comeback. Amazon...

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From College to Cuebiq: Meet the Summer 2018 Interns

Coming from near and far, the 2018 Cuebiq Summer Interns have had nothing short of a whirlwind...


MIT researchers create ‘Atlas of Inequality’ for Boston area

Source: Smart Cities Dive

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created the Atlas of Inequality, which shows income inequality among...

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From New York to Milan: What It’s Like to Work for a Global Company

Last week, I had the privilege of spending five days working from Cuebiq’s Milan...

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4 Ways Location Intelligence Helps QSR Marketers

Are you a QSR marketer wondering how to incorporate location intelligence into your marketing plan? Well, then...


Behind the interview with Antonio Tomarchio

Source: Medium

Antonio is the founder and CEO of Cuebiq. Cuebiq, provides location based data & analytics for marketers and investors.

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Breakfast Meetings And Brand Marketing: My First Few Weeks at Cuebiq

As I was brought to the desk that would be mine for the next nine weeks, I...


Cuebiq Launches Clara, an AI-Driven Platform, to Map, Target and Measure the Offline Consumer Journey

Powered by the largest database of anonymous and accurate location data in the United States, Clara provides marketers with analytics, audience and attribution capabilities in one intelligence platform New York, NY (September 26, 2018) – Cuebiq, a leader in offline location intelligence and consumer insights, today announced the launch of...


Consumers Yawn At V-Day; Jewelry Loses Shine

Source: MediaPost

Fed up with what feels like the over-commercialization of love, American consumers have been cooling on Valentine’s Day gift-giving,...

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3 Critical Factors to Consider When Building Location-Based Programs

Did you know that 82% of marketers plan to...

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Cannes Lions 2018 Takeaways: Be Predictive and Purposeful

Cannes Lions, a place where all key stakeholders of the international marketing and advertising...


What’s Your Brand’s Consumer Compatibility?

Source: Adweek

In the age of customer-centric experiences, it’s more important than ever to understand the actual relationship between your brand...

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