Digital Remedy and Cuebiq Partner To Provide OTT Attribution For The Retail World

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Mobility intelligence company provides clients with a full understanding of the consumer journey and directly connects CTV ad impressions to lift in foot traffic to physical store locations

NEW YORK, NY (October 26, 2021) – (PRNewswire) – In today’s fragmented media landscape, attribution is an increasingly valuable tool for advertisers. Recent growth in both consumption and investment in streaming video has prompted digital advertisers to focus on optimizing advertising efforts. Digital Remedy, an independently-owned ad tech and media execution company, has partnered with leading geospatial and mobility intelligence company Cuebiq, to unlock real-time insights and measure the true impact of client campaigns, specifically on CTV/OTT channels.

Through this strategic partnership, Digital Remedy provides clients with a full understanding of the consumer journey—from first touch to store visit—and allows them to activate against learnings from this journey to maximize their return on ad spend. Using mobile location data from Cuebiq, Digital Remedy’s proprietary performance CTV platform, Flip, directly connects CTV ad impressions to lift in foot traffic to physical store locations—tracking full-funnel KPIs, including brand, visit, and revenue lift, and displaying real-time campaign insights within an easy-to-read dashboard.

In June 2021, fast casual restaurant Jersey Mike’s Subs partnered with Digital Remedy, to increase site and store traffic by leveraging the power of CTV/OTT to deliver messaging to key consumers in a lean-in ad environment. Powered by the industry’s largest source of first-party, high-quality location data and Flip’s real-time optimization capabilities, the campaign has driven over 22k store visits, 471k online purchases, and $10.2m in online revenue to-date (based on a 14-day conversion window)—with nearly 40% of online purchases garnered within 24 hours of ad exposure. Flip’s full-funnel attribution insights, drawn from Cuebiq’s visit feed, allowed Jersey Mike’s to pinpoint exactly where consumer actions came from—providing valuable insights to drive future marketing decisions.

“TV has always been thought of as purely an upper-funnel, branding play. With Flip, we’re able to challenge that notion, and with our Cuebiq partnership, we’re able to connect real-world store traffic to those large format impressions. We’re able to let retailers know, definitively, that someone was exposed to their CTV ad and then visited their location. We’ve set our sights on treating CTV like performance media—driving real-world results, not just views,” said Ben Brenner, VP, Business Development and Strategy at Digital Remedy.

“As we’ve seen over the last few years, consumer habits have increasingly shifted towards streaming video consumption, so it is imperative for retailers to understand how their CTV/OTT ads are driving in-store visits to their locations,” said Antonio Tomarchio, Founder and CEO at Cuebiq. “We are proud to work with Digital Remedy and provide our mobility insights for this important performance measurement.”

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