Cuebiq’s Location-Based Segments Index 80% Higher Than Others Tested by Adobe and DP+

By Cuebiq Marketing Team / 4 minutes

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A major QSR campaign leveraging Cuebiq data delivered to consumers who were 25% more likely to purchase at a major QSR, helping to boost its visits by 10%

New York, NY (September 16, 2020) — According to an Audience Segment Analysis by Adobe’s Advertising Measurement and Strategy (AMS) team, Cuebiq’s location-based audience segments index higher than 80% of segments tested — among the highest in the industry.

Adobe’s AMS team selected Cuebiq for having the most accurate audience data segments to use for an ad campaign and testing strategy led by agency DP+ for a major QSR. Together, they delivered a successful ad campaign to consumers who were 25% more likely to purchase at the major QSR, resulting in an increase of visits to their locations by 10% in the first quarter of 2020 by those that were exposed to the campaign.

“Cuebiq combines the scale, accuracy, and precision of a 100% first-party database of anonymous, opted-in users, with contextual data and visit frequency, to reveal offline consumer behavior, purchase intent, and brand affinities. Furthermore, we offer 1,000 off-the-shelf segments, as well as the ability to create custom audience segments,” said Antonio Tomarchio, founder and CEO, Cuebiq. “We can help brands not only identify and reach the right audiences, but also understand whether their campaign actually changed their behavior.”

Adobe AMS’ Audience Segment Analysis solution uses deterministic credit/debit sales data to  determine which data segments are most accurate before an advertiser uses them on an ad campaign.  DP+ was able to access various sales metrics on users within the audience segments, including penetration rate, average number of transactions per person (purchase frequency), and average spend per transaction (ticket size) based on actual purchase records for the major QSR.

A baseline for the major QSR was developed by observing the same purchase metrics for the general US population, which was used to evaluate which segments were the most accurate in reaching the ideal QSR customer — and in turn, driving visitation.

“By aligning users within audience data segments with purchase data, we are able to create a customer profile that can be used as a ruler to measure the accuracy of different types of segments,” says Teresa Lewis, Solution Designer, Advertising Measurement and Strategy, Adobe. “We were able to recommend the most effective segments for delivering our customer’s goals, of which Cuebiq was one of the best performing segments.”

“We worked with the AMS team to understand the effectiveness of the audience segments we developed in driving results for our QSR clients,” states Johanna Berger, Director of Digital Media Operations, DP+. “The Cuebiq audience segments delivered the correct audience with an accuracy that allowed us to effectively influence visitation through our campaign.  As a result of our study DP+ developed audience segments that are predicted to index as high as 140% of the US population in driving transactions at the major QSR.”

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