8 Audiences to Activate This Holiday Season


2020 Cuebiq Holiday Audience Guide


We understand that it’s difficult to plan ahead when so much is uncertain. These past few months, Cuebiq has worked tirelessly to bring you the tools you need to make smart decisions about how and when to engage with your consumers during this unusual time. As you prepare for the holiday season, we are here to help. While consumers’ purchasing behaviors may change this year, their preferences — both longstanding and recently discovered — can be seen in the real-world actions they take.

Cuebiq’s verified audiences use the scale, accuracy, and precision of our database of anonymous users to reveal offline consumer behaviors, purchase intent, and brand affinities. Check out some of our top segments that you can activate in your holiday planning this year.

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Lovers of Labels

Only the best will do for consumers with discerning taste. They will appreciate attention to detail, quality materials, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Segment To Try: Luxury Brand Shoppers

Best For: Retail, Fashion, Luxury Goods

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Retail Therapy Revelers

While they may still be loving the online deals, these fearless fashionistas will find their way back to the mall as soon as possible!

Segment To Try: Mid-Tier Fashion Shoppers

Best For: Fashion, Retail

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Those Who Prefer to Get Everything in One Trip

Gifts, groceries, home goods, and beauty — buyers of these products prefer to shop where they can check everything off their list in one go.

Segment To Try: Big Box Shoppers

Best For: Toys, CPG, Beauty, Fashion, Home Furnishings, Retail

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Those Pushing Through With Push-Ups (Or Pilates)

These fitness fanatics may wish they were back at the gym and still remember the shortage of resistance bands they experienced back in March. They are voted most likely to be beefing up their home gym setup.

Segment To Try: Fitness Enthusiasts

Best For: Active Apparel, Training Apps, Fitness Devices, Fitness Equipment, Sporting Goods

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Adventure Seekers

These outdoor enthusiasts have balanced stay-at-home recommendations with trips into the great outdoors. Often seen at national parks, forests, or recreational areas, these nature buffs love to be outside.

Segment To Try: Outdoor Enthusiasts

Best For: Camping Gear, Active Apparel, Outdoor Apparel, Recreational Equipment, Eco-Conscious Products, Sporting Goods

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Sourdough Starter Connoisseurs

These culinary creators have been cooking up a storm for months, posting drool-worthy Instagram stories. While others may be happy to return to dining out, these home cooks still prefer to shop at grocery stores and whip up something delicious in the kitchen.

Segment To Try: Cooking Enthusiasts

Best For: Home Goods, Cookware, Bakeware, Retail

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Those Most Likely To Have a Favorite Character on “The Repair Shop”

When faced with idle time, these doers started on a new passion project. Seeking supplies, consumers in this category headed to hardware and craft stores to pick up the tools of their trade.

Segment To Try: Makers, Builders, and Tinkerers

Best For: Arts and Crafts, Tools, Garden Centers, Project-Based Subscriptions, Hardware Stores, Retail

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Those Working 9–5, From Home

These office workers have kept their home-based 9–5 working habits even as offices reopen. If they have not invested in a home office setup yet, they need one. That dining-room table chair is not ergonomic!

Segment To Try: Work From Home

Best For: Home Furnishings, Office Supplies, Personal Electronics