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Social Inequality Analysis

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Social Inequality Analysis

The Social Inequality Analysis allows you to understand how COVID-19 affected the mobility gap between wealthier and poorer block groups by CBSA.

Methodology: The Social Inequality Analysis shows the percentage of devices staying at home based on the respective high income vs low income CBG. The low income vs higher income breakout is based on the CBG’s. Cuebiq uses the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) definition of CBSA (Core-Based Statistical Areas) to group together areas that are tightly linked to each other into a single labor market, including the urban core as well as the surrounding suburbs. Counties classified as rural by the US Census Bureau are excluded from the analysis due to low population density. Census Block Groups (CBG’s) are geographical areas within CBSA’s. CBG’s are determined by the United States Census Bureau and are used to understand various types of demographic data within each CBG. For this Social Inequality analysis, the median income for each CBG was used

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