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Hurricane Laura Evacuation Dashboard

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Hurricane Laura Evacuation Dashboard

During natural disasters, such as hurricanes and wildfires, it is critical to understand the rate at which residents are evacuating impacted areas, and where they are going. Cuebiq’s Evacuation Rate dashboards report the percentage of residents who have evacuated their homes by county, in addition to the median distance traveled by evacuees, and the destination counties traveled to by evacuees who left their home county. Furthermore, Cuebiq analyzes evacuation rates by income group in order to provide insights into the impact of natural disasters on various income segments. 

By providing these insights, Cuebiq’s aim is to support emergency managers and public planners to better prepare for and respond to natural disasters.


Methodology: The Evacuation dashboard measures the percentage of residents within a given county who do not spend the night at their primary residence on any given day. For all users who are considered to be evacuated, the maximum distance traveled from home each day is measured, and the median distance in miles is reported for all evacuees. In order to determine destinations of evacuees, we report the percentages of all residents from a given county who have migrated to new counties. In order to determine the evacuation rate by income group, we calculate the evacuation rate for residents of the bottom 10%, middle 10% – 90%, and top 90% census block groups by income for a given Core Based Statistical Area.

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