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How Workbench Works for You

We have the privacy-safe location data you need, plus the tools and expertise to quickly build scalable solutions.

Marketers & Agencies

Maximize media spend by reaching customers based on their shopping patterns, measure if your media is driving customers to store, and optimize for greater ROAS. Blend performance and first-party data within Workbench, our privacy-safe and secure platform, for maximum impact.

Data Sourcing & Analysts

Your clients rely on you to source the highest quality data to provide immediate value. Workbench is the ecosystem you need, with the tools and applications to monetize data. And when you need to scale, we offer flexible licensing so you only pay for the data you use.

Technology Provider

Build a solution for your company without sacrificing budget and time. Cuebiq is fully customizable with the tools you need or if you have a current data dashboard, easily integrated. Develop a smart strategy with Workbench as you grow.

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