Footfall Attribution Benchmarks

The advent of accurate location-based metrics for today’s marketers

Marketers today have seemingly unlimited options when it comes to building, targeting and delivering a campaign. Amid all of these options, marketers are still trying to answer the age-old question: Is my advertising actually working?

Location data has quickly emerged as a powerful solution to tie together signals across channels, because it helps marketers measure in-store footfall. Footfall attribution analysis enables marketers to see how their audience is reacting to a campaign in the physical world.

The whitepaper will take a closer look at how marketers can implement key footfall metrics and leverage attribution into their campaign analysis and strategic planning.

Among the report’s key highlights:

  • The power of high quality location data to answer marketers’ most pressing quesitons.
  • Footfall attribution benchmarks by advertising vertical.
  • Consumers’ footfall trends, offline behaviors, and brand loyalty by advertising category.

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