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Does Good Coffee Brew Up Visits?

By Claire Molinaro / 2 minutes

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Our latest Foot Traffic Report for the Fuel and Convenience Store Industry with GasBuddy revealed great insights into consumer trends in Q2. We found that consumers were visiting gas stations more frequently, spending less time at the pump, what their favorite C-Store brands were and much more! However, our analysis revealed just how important the quality of coffee can be for generating consumer visits.

A recent GasBuddy survey revealed that 60% of users purchase coffee on their morning drive. In Q2, our report found that stations received 16% of their daily traffic between the hours of 5 am and 10 am. While this may not be a surprise to many, we did find a correlation between good coffee and increased visits. Stations with excellent coffee ratings in the GasBuddy app received 18% or their daily traffic during the same hours, while stations with below average coffee ratings only saw 12%. This is a big drop in morning traffic and the quality of coffee could be a major factor. A recent Mintel study found that more than half (56%) of Americans who have visited C-Stores in the last 3 months feel that they make coffee drinks just as good as coffeehouses! Why is this important?

Well, it shows that C-Stores with high quality coffee have the ability to take customers away from QSRs and established coffee houses in their area. Customer ratings from the GasBuddy app revealed that the top three brands with the highest coffee ratings were Kelley’s Market, On the Run and Wawa. Morning traffic represents a huge part of the daily traffic for fuel stations and C-Stores, our findings show that good coffee is very important to consumers and it does make a difference in driving visits.

Checkout the rest of our Q2 Report with GasBuddy to unlock even more insights into the fuel & C-Store industry.

About the Author

Claire Molinaro, Director, Product Marketing

Claire has 10 years of experience in Product Marketing and Sales Enablement, with a focus on Advertising Technology and Software as a Service. Prior to Cuebiq, she led Product Marketing at Mediaocean.