Perks & Benefits: What Makes Being an Employee in Cuebiq’s Milan Office Unique

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Searching for a new job can be a daunting and stressful task; we get it. There are many factors that come into play when making a decision to join a new company, like understanding the company culture, making sure the company’s values align with your own, that there’s opportunity for growth, and that you’ll be working alongside coworkers who will challenge and push you to excel.  

Since joining Cuebiq, while I can proudly say that my needs have been met (and even surpassed) in all those aspects, I have also been extremely impressed by how well they treat every employee when it comes to perks and benefits. In fact, I would go as far as saying they spoil us more than any other company I have encountered in Italy! 

So what is it that they offer that makes Cuebiq so much better? Read on to learn more about just a few of these amazing perks and benefits.  

1. Office Atmosphere

First and foremost, let’s talk about the day-to-day easygoing atmosphere in the office. With an open-space concept, there are a ton of common places to do work or relax away from your desk like a lounge area with couches, a game room, and even a café. Since the office becomes everyone’s home away from home, Cuebiq understands the importance of having an environment like this that’s both comfortable and conducive to productivity. Employees are also given “smart-working” opportunities, meaning they are allowed to work from home one day per week.

2. Food & Drinks

Cuebiq knows the ultimate way to keep us motivated — through food! We have a fully stocked kitchen filled with snacks and drinks, and we love having daily breakfast and coffee together in the common areas. Being in the center of Milan, we have access to the city’s best restaurants and enjoy going out to team lunches. We also have weekly happy hours, aperitivo, on Fridays at 5pm to unwind from all our hard work and enjoy some food and beverages with our colleagues.

3. Language Classes

Have you ever worked at a company that offers language classes? How about free ones? Well, if you work at Cuebiq you can quickly put a check next to that box. Being an international company with several offices in the United States including NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco, we are constantly in communication with our colleagues abroad. So, to help overcome the natural language barrier and allow us to work together more effectively, Cuebiq offers weekly English classes.

4. Travel

Every year Cuebiq hosts a retreat bringing together all employees from every office. This provides us with yet another outlet to relax and unwind from all our hard work, and, most importantly, mingle and bond with each other. Most recently, we went to the Bahamas — you can read about the details of our experience in our retreat recap blog. And that’s not all for travel. Some employees get to travel to the NYC office, and everyone receives a free yearly ATM pass for local travel in Milan. We are also each given an annual learning budget that allows us to travel to conferences all over the world.

5. Additional Benefits 

While the food, travel, and games are awesome perks, Cuebiq also covers the fundamentals and provides robust health benefits. Most prominently, we are provided with extra health insurance that covers specialist visits, which is something that other companies don’t offer.

Interested in working at Cuebiq to receive these extraordinary perks and benefits? If yes, be sure to check out our careers page for new job openings in Milan.

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