The Billboards Are Back in Town: The Return of Out-Of-Home

By Anna Livaccari / 2 minutes

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You may be under the impression that traditional media has lost some of its luster over the years. While it’s true that many forms of traditional media are currently struggling, out-of-home media is having a major moment right now. According to eMarketer, OOH is the only form of traditional media projected to grow in ad spending in 2018. It’s important for marketers to understand why OOH is so effective right now so that they can include it in their media plans.

OOH advertising is working so well right now due to several factors. First, the medium is unblockable and unskippable — unlike much of digital advertising. Whether you’re driving by a billboard or staring at an ad in your subway car, you can’t avoid out-of-home advertising. Second, OOH delivers impact at scale. If you’re looking to advertise on a national, local, or DMA level, OOH can scale to fit your marketing objectives. Third, the emergence of digital billboards and dynamic messaging has completely revolutionized OOH. Digital billboards allow for more flexibility in a campaign, with the ability to switch out different messaging as desired and include time-sensitive content.

Yet for marketers, perhaps the most important quality about OOH is that it’s measurable. With marketers increasingly facing pressure to prove ROI on activations and use analytics to back up every decision, being able to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign is essential. Through location intelligence, marketers can measure the offline ROI of OOH campaigns to understand if and how well billboards are driving in-store visits. They can also gain consumer intelligence by analyzing offline insights from exposed users to learn where users spend time in the physical world. These kinds of insights can prove extremely helpful for retargeting and planning.

Finally, since the ROI of OOH is measurable, marketers can easily validate their spend on the channel. Being able to guarantee results from OOH means that marketers can confidently allocate dollars to this channel when developing media plans and strategizing for the year. To learn more about Cuebiq’s measurement solution, click here.

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