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The power of IoT data is undeniable, it has the potential to completely change the consumer journey. Most businesses today are still going through a digital transformation, and are beginning to adopt new technologies that allow them to make smarter and more intelligent decisions. As businesses begin to enhance their Omni-channel marketing strategies, IoT data presents itself as an amazing tool for businesses to create new and powerful user experiences.

IoT Data Can Provide Businesses With New Insights

IoT data can provide businesses across all industries with new insights to improve their product messaging, reach their target audience, and engage with consumers in the right environments. This will not only help them make more intelligent decisions, it will also give the consumer a much better experience. However, while the potential for IoT data is beyond amazing, there are challenges ahead for both businesses and consumers we all must recognize.

Cameras, Smart TVs, Home Speaker Systems, and Connected Car Technology are just some of the devices that make up the word IoT. Gartner predicts that this year, there will be over 8.4B IoT devices in use worldwide, with over 50B devices to be added within the next 3 years.

Business and Consumers Need to Recognize Challenges of IoT

While these devices our homes, our cars, in our pockets and even on our wrists perform amazing tasks, they also pose a serious challenge for consumer privacy. For instance – IoT devices, like our computers, can be easily hacked when they are connected to the internet. Think about that for just a minute – we do not want our personal devices to be hijacked by an unknown and nameless invader.

Before we begin to enjoy all of our great and new devices, we must all first take some steps to ensure our protection. First, be sure to password protect your home Wi-Fi with a difficult password to avoid any outside risks. Second, make sure to avoid connecting your devices to any open Wifi networks that are not secured. These are simple and easy steps, but can anything else be done to make consumers more secure?

Yes! While we as consumers can help ensure our own privacy, the next steps must fall on the device manufactures and the industry.

To find out what the industry can do to protect our privacy and maintain IoT security for all, read Why The IoT Industry Must Self-Regulate to Ensure Consumer Protection.

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Antonio Tomarchio, CEO, Founder - Cuebiq