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What’s new in Cuebiq’s Attribution Dashboard and how it will help marketers address their most pressing questions.

Is my advertising actually driving consumers to store? Is there any difference in how distinctive consumer segments are responding to my ads?  How well are my campaigns performing compared to others in my industry?

Providing Visibility Into Offline Consumer Behaviors

At Cuebiq, we know how crucial it is for brands to accurately answer questions like the ones above; which is why we made it our mission to help marketers bridge the online and offline worlds, by providing full visibility of offline consumer behaviors. According to a recent IAB study,  57.1% of marketers will spend time examining cross-channel measurement and attribution in 2017. To further empower them along this journey, we enhanced our Attribution product offering, to include new powerful insights that will help brands answer their most pressing questions about consumers’ offline behaviors – and ultimately drive their strategy and measure campaign ROI.

New Features of Cuebiq’s Attribution Dashboard

The new features to Cuebiq’s Attribution Dashboard will allow brands to:

  • Put campaign performance into context and understand how well it performed compared to industry benchmarks.  As marketers use footfall attribution as a way to measure their campaigns, it’s important that they have a sense of their success and the ability to compare it to the industry average.
  • Turn consumer insights into action with the click of a button. Our Attribution solution not only provides insights into offline interests, brand affinity, and cross-shopping activities of the consumers who visited a store upon being exposed to a campaign but now also provides them a turnkey solution to leverage these audience segments for strategic planning and future executions.
  • Understand if and how advertising impacted how often consumers visit a store. For both exposed and control group analyzed as part of our attribution studies, marketers will be able to evaluate the store visit frequency fo the users.
  • Unveil consumers’ behavior and engagement while in store. By enhancing the granularity of our dwell time and time of visit analysis, we provide marketers insights to inform both advertising strategies and in-store experience, ultimately leading to more store visits and higher dwell times.
  • All upgrades have been implemented keeping in mind ease of use for clients interacting with our dashboard. Study results can be easily accessed, sliced and diced at the click of a button, from consulting the data within our interactive dashboard, to downloading the report for it to be easily used in client presentations.

But wait… there is more!  Want to learn about all of the new Attribution features and leverage the most accurate and precise location data at scale to drive your marketing strategy and measure ROI?  Contact us to get started!

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About the Author

Valentina Bieser, SVP, Marketing - Cuebiq

Valentina has 12 years of experience in B2B marketing and strategy, as well as an extensive record of driving business and leading successful teams. Prior to Cuebiq, she led Product Marketing at Gannett and Integrated Marketing at NBC Universal.