When Design Meets Technology: An Intern’s POV

By Cuebiq Marketing Team / 2 minutes

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Although I’m only halfway through my internship at Cuebiq – I’ve learned so much! Working in a professional environment has been an amazing learning experience for me as I continue to grow as a Graphic Designer and Coder outside the classroom…

My education in design and coding at Parsons has given me the foundation and tools to get started, but at Cuebiq I’ve become exposed to real life situations. Not only have I strengthened my graphic design skills for various projects, I’ve also been fortunate enough to practice my coding skills for Cuebiq’s website, email newsletters and more. Most importantly, I’ve been able strengthen my communication skills – whether for internal projects or developing relationships with 3rd party vendors. This has not only enhanced my communication skills but has helped me improve how I brainstorm and communicate my work both internally and externally.

I’ve come to learn that graphic design is not a process but more of a journey. Sometimes my designs and thought process works, and sometimes it simply doesn’t. During a project, if I feel stuck, I’m able to leverage the team to discover a new path forward. There were times where I succeeded and failed, but in the end, I knew the journey would lead me to the best result.

Working for a location intelligence and measurement company has been eye-opening on many fronts. Seeing how a startup works from behind the scenes is not only a great benefit but inspirational for my own work. Learning how the technology works is a process, but the journey for me has been my ability to match my own work with Cuebiq’s unique story.

My favorite part about this internship has been the act of putting myself out there and trying new things. The team at Cuebiq has stressed that this internship is about learning, whether it being in my scope or completely outside. Whatever I want to learn, I can, all I have to do is simply ask. I believe this is what makes startups and technology companies so great – the journey is not about the end result, but the experiences along the way…

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