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“We’ve got to use every piece of data and piece of information, and hopefully that will help us be accurate with our player evaluation. For us, that’s our life blood.”

Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics

Data is the new oil and it has become the driving force behind innovation across all industries…even sports! At Cuebiq, we are harnessing the power of location data to power our Audience, Attribution and Analytics tools. We take great pride in our patent pending SDK methodology, as it has allowed us to create the largest source of accurate and precise location data in the US. We now reach over 61MM unique devices, or 1 in 4 US Smartphone users. But where does this data come from and why does data privacy matter?

Where We Get Our Data

First and most importantly, Cuebiq is not a data broker. This is crucial because we know exactly where our data is coming from. The power of Cuebiq is derived from our first-party relationships with mobile apps. Once a mobile app partner agrees to integrate our SDK – we become the location engine for that app. This is very important because we do not collect any personal user information! The foundation of our success is tied to our belief in transparency, trust, and accountability.

Why This is Important

This is very important for us because we believe that location data is precious and data collection comes with great responsibility. Our Publisher team works directly with our mobile app partners to ensure that each and every app has a clear and defined privacy policy. We do not want to hide our business relationship from app users because we want to make sure that the user is aware of and understands they have the ability to opt out.

User awareness is key for responsible and ethical data collection. Some of our competitors (you know who you are!) do not follow the same standards. We are proud and happy to lead the way and set the gold standard when it comes to responsible data collection. Transparency, trust and accountability have guided and strengthened our ability to protect users’ data privacy during the collection process.

Recently, the media and advertising industry received new rules and best practices for mobile location data, particularly in how it is collected and used by marketers. This new set of guidelines was released by the MRC and provides a strong point of view on how location data providers must ensure accuracy and privacy. We believe in these guidelines 100%. Cuebiq is a member of the MMA as well as the lab, who took part in creating the new MRC guidelines.

Taking our belief in privacy a step further, Cuebiq was one of the very first location data providers to become NAI certified. The NAI is the leading self-regulatory association dedicated to responsible data collection and its use for digital advertising; its Code of Conduct sets high standards that benefit all parties – from users, to tech enablers, and to publishers. As the Founder and CEO of Cuebiq, I take great pride that we have aligned ourselves with partners and associations that believe in privacy and transparency as much as we do.

Why Data Matters

There has been a huge crisis in the media and advertising industry recently, due to irresponsible ad placement. Ad agency Havas Worldwide, among others, announced that is putting a halt on ad spending on YouTube and Google due to ad placements next to controversial content. Some media partners are also guaranteeing to give advertisers their money back if their ads are placed next to this type of damaging content. While I 100% agree that irresponsible ad placement needs to stop, it’s important for marketers to look behind the ad placement, to see what kind of data is driving that decision. Marketers and agencies need to address the data that is not only guiding their decisions but enabling ad placement alongside content that is offensive and brand damaging.

Bad data usually lacks accuracy, transparency, and is not privacy compliant. Marketers and agencies need to take their efforts a step further when it comes to evaluating not only location data providers but data providers in general. Strict, responsible, and ethical data collection is the only kind of methodology that really works. We ask that our partners maintain strict guidelines when evaluating data partners because not all data collections methodologies believe in transparency, trust, and accountability as we do!

Read our post IoT Audiences Help Marketers Reach Consumers Who Own IoT Devices for an in-depth look at how we use good data to help marketers unlock new ways to connect with consumers. And if you would like to talk to someone at Cuebiq about how we can help you, contact us today.

About the Author

Antonio Tomarchio, CEO, Founder - Cuebiq