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Coming from near and far, the Cuebiq Summer Interns have had nothing short of a whirlwind of an experience these past few months, both in and out of the office. From team dinners to Fourth of July parties to World Cup watching to ping pong battles, they managed to squeeze in some real-world learning experience in their respective Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Operations departments as well. Oh, and even some cardio, you know, running after ping pong balls.

Alex Hensley, Finance Intern
School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Year: Senior
Major: Economics

Hailing from North Carolina, Alex was thrilled to be spending the summer working and living in the Big Apple. On the weekends, you can probably find him fishing, snowboarding, or surfing when the weather’s nice. When looking for an internship, he was immediately drawn to a fast-growing company like Cuebiq, especially because of his interest in finance.

On a typical day, Alex is making reports, analyzing accounts, or tracking costs. He primarily works with people on the Finance or Product team, where they use NetSuite and Expensify. When asked to describe Cuebiq’s company culture, Alex finds it to be a very young, open, and energetic environment. Since day one of his internship, he has been able to collaborate with other coworkers, who truly want each other to succeed.

His biggest takeaway was learning to be meticulous in his work in order to produce impactful results. Cuebiq has taught Alex how to think big-picture and see how his contributions fit into the rest of the company as a whole.

Alex’s favorite memory was Cuebiq’s legendary announcement about a new catered lunch program: “The day we heard about free lunch was the greatest day of my life… especially for a college kid living in the city.”

Briana Maetta, Event Marketing Intern
School: Stevens Institute of Technology
Year: Junior
Major: Business & Technology

Coming from Staten Island but living in Hoboken for the summer, Briana was eager to tackle her first summer internship. While she has many talents, including being a certified makeup artist, she was ready to gain real-world work experience in the location intelligence space at Cuebiq. Briana was always interested in working at a startup, and after a successful interview, she felt like Cuebiq was the perfect fit.

As an Event Marketing Intern, there’s never a dull moment. Briana helps out the Manager of Brand Marketing & Events by brainstorming ideas, researching venues, hotels, prices, and more. She also works on objectives with the Sales team and thinks of events Cuebiq should attend, sponsor, or hold for clients and prospects.

Briana immediately felt comfortable and relaxed in the office environment, especially as a newcomer. With catered office lunches every day and the occasional weeknight soccer game, Briana loved all the different ways to bond with the other departments. Her favorite memory is watching the World Cup game with coworkers on the couch, all cozy and cheering (or booing), while taking a nice break from their workload.

Every employee makes a difference in the company and has something to offer, especially because it’s a comfortable size, so you know each other and can see where each effort is going.

Drew Niziak, Sales Intern
School: Wake Forest University
Year: Senior
Major: Economics

Having moved to Manhattan as of a year ago, Drew already felt at home in the city, as well as right away at Cuebiq. When Drew isn’t playing golf or eating Chipotle, he lives and breathes Cuebiq, always sporting a company T-shirt, the one day of the week he allows himself to dress “casually.” He has always been interested in the data intelligence industry and knew working at a fast-growing company would be a great learning experience for him.

As a Sales Intern, Drew is a huge asset to the team, as he supports the process of identifying prospects, generating leads, assisting customer success, and streamlining communication with the Finance team. Drew finds the company culture to be fantastic: tight-knit, lively, and welcoming.  He instantly felt like a valuable member of the Cuebiq team.

His favorite memory is participating in a Cuebiq soccer team and getting closer to his colleagues, especially the close bond he’s formed with his new mentor, our Chief Revenue & Growth Officer.

I came into this internship with the goal of wanting to learn something new every day, and I did. Although this isn’t my field of expertise, I was never afraid to ask questions.”

Kabir Kuriyan, Tech Operations Intern
School: Rutgers University
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science

Taking the train in from New Jersey, Kabir, who is a Resident Advisor at school, was ready to embrace the city life this summer, at a company and position that suited him well. Following his interview, he immediately picked up on Cuebiq’s strong work ethic and company culture and was looking forward to all the valuable experience he would soon gain.

At Cuebiq, Kabir dives into work each day writing code and scripts for long-term projects, which has been a huge help to our Operations team in providing a better experience for clients. His User Interface work even got the attention of our CEO, Antonio. Kabir is amazed by Cuebiq’s exciting and supportive work environment, which embodies a “work hard, play hard” attitude and has even allowed him to climb up the ping pong game ladder against coworkers!

Kabir’s favorite memory is presenting his Tech Ops project to his team, where he got four rounds of applause for his hard work and high-impact results.

Working at Cuebiq has forced me to think about what I’m doing with code because at the end of it, I have to make sure what I’m doing not only works, but also makes sense for the end user. More importantly, I’ve learned how a professional company operates and the meaning of teamwork in a fast-paced environment.

Olivia Henkoff, Operations Intern
School: Amherst College
Year: Junior
Major: Neuroscience

Olivia, who resides in Westchester and is on her college’s field hockey team, has had an incredible and worthwhile summer at Cuebiq. She was immediately attracted to the later-stage startup, which is more advanced and established than that of her previous internship. Not having had any experience in the martech space yet, Olivia was excited by the opportunity to be a part of the Operations department, which is considered the “engine of Cuebiq.”

Olivia works mainly on Cuebiq’s Al-driven assistant that maps, targets, and measures the offline consumer journey. She creates reports for clients to analyze their advertising campaigns and daily impressions, creates internal documentation and deals with a constant stream of ticketing requests. Olivia really enjoys the company culture here, describing it as collaborative and cross-departmentally dependent, allowing her to understand the true meaning of communication in a work environment.

Her favorite memory is celebrating Fourth of July early in the office, with decorative food and drinks, together as a team.

I learned the critical importance of attention to detail. A mistake can be detrimental to the functioning of the department, so it’s important to be as communicative as possible. You need to speak up more than you think, so everyone is on the same page.”

Rebecca Schneider, Brand Marketing Intern
School: Penn State University
Year: Senior
Major: Print & Digital Journalism

Born and raised in Jersey, Rebecca always knew she wanted an internship in New York because of the endless opportunities available. She was most interested in a digital media role where she could apply both her writing and marketing skills, so the Brand Marketing internship at Cuebiq was a perfect fit.

After she braves the commute on New Jersey Transit every morning, a typical day for Rebecca includes compiling a “Daily Digest” staff email with trending industry articles, creating content for social media, working on blog posts, and helping out the marketing team with various tasks. To Rebecca, the culture at Cuebiq promotes being creative but also working hard; it’s a comfortable environment where you can be yourself and succeed at the same time.

Her favorite memory from this summer was working on the intern project every week, which enabled her to collaborate with the other interns and better understand their respective departments as well as the company as a whole. She really enjoyed working as a team and developing her leadership skills, ultimately getting the opportunity to present to the entire company at the end of the summer.

“This internship taught me that marketing is so much bigger and more fast-paced than people realize. That’s what makes it exciting, because there are so many different moving parts, such as product, events, and brand, that I’m constantly learning something new every day and staying on top of new trends.”

Vincent Dudine, Operations Intern
School: Colgate University
Year: Senior
Major: Economics

A basketball fan from Brooklyn, Vincent was already well-adjusted to life in the city when he started at Cuebiq and enjoyed the startup atmosphere right off the bat. He knew he wanted to do something in a field with diverse tasks, where he had a chance to be a part of the action — as opposed to at bigger companies where he felt interns are often given more menial tasks to do. Cuebiq was different; a place he could really see himself learning and getting real exposure to the industry. Vincent’s days are often busy and unpredictable, in a good way.

Along with Olivia, he fulfills day-to-day operational tasks and client requests on the Operations team. Vincent has also worked on creating one place for internal, company-specific knowledge and terms for tasks that don’t have a clear setup guide, which will be invaluable to future employees and lessen the number of one-on-one trainings they’ll need. How does Vincent describe the company culture? Young, energized, and passionate, where people are always interested in each other’s work and willing to lend a hand.

His favorite memory is going to an Operations team dinner at Tacombi, where he enjoyed talking with a visiting Milan employee and gaining a new perspective on the company.

Going into the internship search, all you hear about is the emphasis on what you’re doing, and doing the “right” thing — or what’s applicable from school. But what I’ve learned is that it’s more about who you’re doing it with. Being at a place like Cuebiq, everyone’s young, on the same team, and the atmosphere speaks for itself.

Cuebiq summer interns present final project to team

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