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Cuebiq x MMA: Revolutionize Your Marketing Stack

By Anna Livaccari / 2 minutes

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Two years ago, Francesco Guglielmino, Cuebiq’s Chief Product Officer, was presenting ideas for a future SaaS platform, Clara, to our Product Advisory Council. The clients in that forum pushed back on his ideas, stating that a “one size fits all” solution wouldn’t be able to fulfill all of their needs moving forward. This forced Guglielmino to start thinking of a better way, which marked the beginning of Cuebiq’s transition to a platform company.

In the recent MMA CEO and CMO Summit, Guglielmino presented his case for why this transition was the best decision his team could have made and why he believes shifting to PaaS will help you revolutionize your marketing stack. As he explains in the clip below, utilizing PaaS allows companies to focus on what makes their marketing stack unique: first party data and talent.

First Party Data

Right now, first-party data is having a moment. With the deprecation of cookies and the scramble to find a replacement, companies are making first-party data a priority. According to eMarketer, preparation for the cookie-less future is uneven. About 52% of brands state that they feel unprepared, though they are aware that first-party data will be imperative. As a result, 64% of companies have already formed some kind of data partnership, and 16% of companies say they have plans to do so. 

With a platform model, you can onboard your first-party data and design solutions based on your unique needs. As Guglielmino discussed at the summit, Cuebiq recently partnered with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative on the COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative ‘It’s Up To You’ campaign, one of the largest public health education campaigns in history. 


Talent is an extremely valuable resource–often considered “the most important asset in almost all corporations.” Your engineers, analysts, and entire team make your processes unique, and today’s pursuit for talent is as competitive as ever, thanks to rapidly advancing technology and evolving work culture. A team with the right skills fosters fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a competitive advantage that will guarantee business success. With the platform model, the research and development is done for you, so rather than using your team to build basic infrastructure and performing time-consuming data transfers, aggregation, and hygiene checks, they can spend their time developing cutting edge, valuable analytics, leveraging their expertise to build a solution that will help the company differentiate itself.

Watch Guglielmino discuss these ideas and more in his presentation at the MMA summit below:

About the Author

Anna Livaccari, Content Marketing Associate

Anna is a graduate of Boston College, where she majored in Communication and Management & Leadership. She loves traveling, hiking, skiing, and is a huge foodie.