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“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

Sherlock Holmes

Data-driven marketers are always on the hunt for that next wave of insights that will enhance their view of the consumer journey enabling them to enhance their strategies and drive performance. At Cuebiq, we are proud to announce that we’ve just launched industry-first IoT Audiences to help marketers better understand their target audience and allow them to reach consumers who own specific IoT devices (see here for more information here).

At Cuebiq, our data is directly generated by our SDK technology, which has been integrated into over 180+ mobile apps, anonymously collecting GPS, Wi-FI, and IoT signals. We’ve established first-party relationships with all of our mobile app partners to ensure that our data collection methodology is 100% privacy compliant and transparent to each and every user. Our IoT Audiences were developed by leveraging our technology and anonymous user base of over 61MM US smartphone owners to understand when a mobile device is paired with a connected device. We understood that IoT usage data could unlock new and improved ways for marketers to connect with consumers like never before, giving brands and marketers new consumer intelligence.

Not only have we’ve launched new audiences but when marketers combine our new IoT data with consumers’ visitation patterns, marketers now can get an unprecedented and sometimes counterintuitive view of the consumer. Take a look at our latest IoT study to see Gym & QSR trends associated with Fitness Tracker owners here! With the high stakes that exist for brands, having these kinds of insights can help marketers get ahead of the competition.

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About the Author

Christian Kunkel, Marketing Director

Christian is a data driven marketer with a passion for location, technology and storytelling. Based in NYC, he is an avid NY Jets fan and proud History major - follow @C_Kunkel23