Clara: Saving the Day With Offline Intelligence

By Claire Molinaro / 3 minutes

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Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a marketer named Clara. Spunky and intelligent, Clara faced what seemed like an insurmountable problem: She couldn’t get consistent and reliable data on consumer behavior. Her campaigns seemed to be performing, but she was unable to analyze their full impact on real-world behaviors.

Enter the Cuebiq league, a group of marketers committed to finding the truth about the offline consumer journey through location data. A team of offline intelligence experts, they were creating one of the most powerful tools known to advertisers and brands, to make sense of the chaotic location data space. Yet unlike many other organizations, their number one priority was always consumer privacy. In a sea of bidstream, panel, and telco data, the Cuebiq league created something special…

Find out what it is, and what happens when Clara meets the Cuebiq league in our very first comic book below! Hint: a superhero is born.

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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Clara is the name of our superhero as well as our offline intelligence platform. You might not know that you need offline intelligence, but here’s why Cuebiq’s platform Clara truly is the superhero you need.

Our platform Clara connects consumers and brands in a way that has never been done before. By mapping, targeting, and measuring the complete offline consumer journey, the platform enables brands to see real-world actions of their consumers. From visit habits, to brand preferences, to whether consumer visits were influenced by cross-channel ads, Clara provides brands with a window into the offline world of their consumers.

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Cuebiq’s Offline Intelligence Platform

Our offline intelligence platform Clara provides marketers with industry leading Measurement & Audiences solutions.

Audience Targeting

To simplify the complicated world of campaign targeting, Cuebiq Audiences infuse segmentation strategies with real-world consumer offline visitation trends and behaviors. You no longer have to play a guessing game to reach your key personas when building a campaign. Instead, you can leverage Audience segments based on your consumers’ true tastes. Cuebiq Audiences provide the most actionable offline consumer segments, as they’re built on our location data — which is unmatched in the industry in terms of scale and accuracy. These segments are based on brick-and-mortar consumer behaviors that actually matter, such as in-store dwell time and visit frequency.


Your measurement source of truth, Cuebiq’s  solution enables you to optimize cross-channel campaigns in-flight based on store visits. You can also measure post-campaign ROI with our deterministic footfall measurement suite. Ultimately, our media-agnostic solution helps you measure how effective your campaign was in driving brand, visit, and revenue lift across all platforms and channels. 

Now that you’ve learned how Clara can help you, what are you waiting for? Make offline data your superpower.

About the Author

Claire Molinaro, Director, Product Marketing

Claire has 10 years of experience in Product Marketing and Sales Enablement, with a focus on Advertising Technology and Software as a Service. Prior to Cuebiq, she led Product Marketing at Mediaocean.