It’s All About the Context: Why Brands Need Benchmarks Part II

By Anna Livaccari / 2 minutes

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Are you a marketer trying to gauge whether your ad campaign was successful? If so, you should probably turn to benchmarks.

In order to determine whether an ad campaign was successful, marketers must put the results into context. They need to consider benchmarks in their analysis, in order to understand whether the campaign was actually effective in driving consumers to store — or not.

To this end, Cuebiq just released its latest Footfall Attribution Benchmarks Report. Derived from footfall measurement of campaigns across a number of industry verticals, these benchmarks enable marketers to measure advertising ROI and determine strategies for future campaigns.

In line with Cuebiq’s first benchmarks report, this one provides updated benchmarks for the key metrics of uplift, visit rate, dwell time, and time of visit. Yet there are some key additions we’ve included in this year’s report, which can help marketers get even more granular in their campaign analysis.

1. New Verticals

This year we effectively doubled the number of benchmark verticals we cover from nine to 18, adding the following verticals: C-stores, discount stores, electronics, gas stations, home appliances, home improvement, pet stores, pharmacies, sporting goods, and telco stores. This means many more brands can understand how they stack up against their respective industry averages.

2. Benchmarks by Platform

We broke down benchmarks by web, in-app, and cross-device. With marketers increasingly executing campaigns across multiple channels, these platform-specific benchmarks can help marketers understand how each channel contributes to driving footfall traffic uplift.

3. New Metrics Such as Cost per Incremental Visit (CPIV)

This year we included CPIV benchmarks to help marketers accurately measure the ROI of their ad campaigns. For footfall attribution, the CPIV metric represents the budget spent to receive one incremental visit from the exposed group, compared to visits from the control group.

For more insights, download Cuebiq’s second Footfall Attribution Benchmarks Report here.

5 boxes showing different statistics about uplift reporting
bar graph showing different statistics about cost per incremental visit

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