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Announcing Platform-as-a-Service to Solve Industry’s Privacy Challenges

By Antonio Tomarchio / 4 minutes

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Cuebiq is proud to announce that we are taking the next step to definitively solve the dilemma of leveraging big data without any risk of compromising privacy. To achieve this, we are launching Cuebiq Workbench (CWB), our take on the platform-as-a-service model that will transform the data industry in the next 10 years.

An Ecosystem for Innovators

Cuebiq Workbench is a modern solution to enable versatile, privacy-safe, data access in a world where the rules of engagement are constantly changing—especially in the location space. We appreciate how sensitive mobility data can be in the wrong hands, but we also know its potential when made available for open innovation—just look at what our COVID-19 partnerships and countless other Data for Good programs have accomplished!

To continue fueling innovation, it is critical that industry players, like us, provide decentralized access to an open ecosystem. Without it, we risk succumbing to an AI society where just a few powerful companies control data and can build machine learning models, resulting in huge risks in terms of data bias, inequality, and inclusiveness.

A Platform for Mobility-Based Innovation

Our platform is a ready-made, privacy-safe, “sandbox” environment where marketers, developers, and analysts can import data, combine it with other sources, and leverage Cuebiq’s geospatial expertise—all in the service of solving a variety of business challenges across a range of industries. 

  • Marketers can make last-mile customizations to Cuebiq’s existing measurement solution or blend visitation with other data (weather, demographic, transaction) to better understand customer behavior.
  • Retailers can combine CRM and loyalty data with Cuebiq’s visitation data to conduct market share and churn analysis, predicting the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 
  • Real-estate developers can even inform site-selection by leveraging Cuebiq’s human mobility data in areas of interest to determine the likelihood of success for a business location. 
  • Researchers can tap into mobility data to understand the impact of public health messages on a range of behaviors such as people seeking vaccinations, or residents heeding evacuation warnings. 

Leading the Change on Data Collection

Made possible by the creation of Cuebiq Workbench, we are also sunsetting SDK data collection to fully address the privacy concerns of big data.  Existing  SDK partners will begin uploading their data, via ingestion API, directly to the CWB platform. We expect no impact on scale, as we are only changing the way we collect data, not the apps we partner with.

Post-launch, we expect our scale to increase as more data owners discover the  privacy, security, and monetization opportunities CWB provides:

  • Data owners have complete control over how their data is used; sharing is not required.
  • Ability to import several possible datasets—not only location, but transaction, sensors, and more, to discover new insights and build derivative solutions.
  • Opportunity to develop new revenue streams by adding select data assets to CWB’s catalog where other platform customers can pay to access it.

For all customers, CWB provides the freedom to discover and combine data sets to create, analyze, and optimize insights, while trusting that our strict privacy controls ensure that data only ever leaves the platform as aggregated insights or as privacy-preserving data exports to protect against the risk of user reidentification.

Working Smarter Together

We all share a common purpose in the data ecosystem—a desire to find novel solutions for the needs of the marketplace and a responsibility to do so in a safe and responsible manner.  But it is a waste of time and resources for each player to define, innovate, and build their own solution if we’re already aligned on objectives.

It was with this in mind that Cuebiq first decided to open up our platform, so all parties can benefit from our renowned privacy and consent frameworks, ultimately bettering the ecosystem and promoting its longevity.  An example of this principle in action is our work in response to iOS 14, to create alternative IDs that are much more privacy-safe than cookies or MAIDs. CWB partners will be able to leverage our framework to navigate the loss of IDFAs and cookies.

By embracing open innovation, on our platform and with our partners, we are committed to staying many steps ahead of privacy regulations and industry standards. Join us!

About the Author

Antonio Tomarchio, CEO, Founder - Cuebiq