AI and Machine Learning for Marketers

By Anna Livaccari / 2 minutes

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Trucker

AI for most of us has a different meaning or definition. In its simplest form, AI technology is our dream of building machines that are capable of thinking like humans. While we are capable of doing many things, the time it would take for us to process just one gigabyte of data is not fun to think about…

AI and machine learning has the capacity for abstract, creative and deductive reasoning – with the ability to learn on the fly. With more and more data being generated and collected on a daily basis, it’s vital that AI technology is there to continue to learn and find smarter ways to process and analyze data. But what does this mean for marketers?

Data is great but actionable insights are even better! AI technology gives marketers the ability to leverage new insights that they can use to strengthen their marketing programs and achieve their goals. According to eMarketer, 97% of marketers believe the future will involve marketers working hand in hand with AI and other automation tools. Marketers might have to invest more time to learn and train with new technology, but AI will allow them to thrive and streamline their day-to-day projects.

While the advancement of AI and machine learning can be scary, there are many things humans understand that machines can’t. Humans have a great depth of context and real world experience that can’t be programmed – Machines don’t have or act upon “gut” feelings. AI and machine learning is not something to be afraid but should be fully embraced by marketers. According to CCS Enterprise Insights, 1 in 3 employees believe AI and Machine Learning will actually increase open job positions in the future. While most marketers might feel like they our drowning in data, AI & Machine Learning technology will only be there to help and enhance their day-to-day tasks.

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