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To Travel or Not To Travel: Americans Grapple With State Restrictions

By Isabel Sperry

Millions of Americans have been planning end-of-summer trips to get away. According to AAA, booking trends reveal that Americans are currently making travel arrangements, though cautiously and more la...

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8 Audiences to Activate This Holiday Season

These past few months, Cuebiq has worked tirelessly to bring you the tools you need to make smart decisions about how and when to engage with your consumers during this unusual time. As you prepare for the holiday season, we are here to help. While consumers’ purchasing behaviors may change this year, their preferences — both longstanding and recently discovered — can be seen in the real-world actions they take.

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5 Hot Topics in Offline Intelligence in 2019

While it’s hard to believe, 2019 is quickly coming to an end. With the end of the...

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Data Privacy Regulation in 2020: What Comes After CCPA?

Check out this interview with Shane Wiley, Cuebiq’s Chief Privacy Officer, in which he discusses the regulatory changes marketers...


Location Data Companies Rise to the Challenge of Covid-19

Source: Street Fight

The location data market has responded to many external pressures in recent years. Guided by new privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA as well as operating system updates by Apple and Android, the industry has put the consumer back at the center.

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The Innovation of Technology: A Review of Past Groundbreaking Product Announcements as CES Celebrates 52 Years

With the new year right around the corner, it's time to start gearing up for one of...


John King breaks down progress of states reopening

Source: CNN

CNN's John King breaks down the numbers as some states begin the process of reopening during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Cuebiq And The Adventures of Clara

Want to know more about offline intelligence? Learn how to enrich your marketing stack today with the industry's only location data driven comic book! Read it now...


Cellphone data shows Michiganders on the move again

Source: Record Eagle

Michiganders’ movement has inched up since the middle of April, according to a Record-Eagle analysis of anonymized cellphone data.

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Establishing Best Practices for an AI-driven Ecosystem

These days, it’s all about artificial intelligence — especially when it comes to the advertising ecosystem. Yet, as...

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The Adventures of Clara

This comic book’s mission is to help educate and guide all of those looking for more information on location...


Phone location data shows millions of Americans have already started leaving home and traveling more in the past week

Source: Business Insider

As some states start to reopen businesses and relax stay-at-home orders, millions of Americans are already starting to move...

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Answering the Elusive Question: How to Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Originally posted by Forbes on 12/4 here. You’ve heard it a million times before:...


Michigan Has Lowest Percentage Of Positive COVID-19 Cases Since March

Source: Patch

There's some good news in Michigan's fight against COVID-19, as the state is seeing its lowest percentage of positive...

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Cuebiq Green Team: Building Awareness of Office Recycling Habits & Creating a More Eco-Friendly Work Environment

We all remember growing up and constantly being reminded by our parents and teachers to recycle our...


Kochava and Cuebiq Partner to Measure the Impact of OOH Advertising in Driving App Downloads

For the first time, brands will have the ability to accurately attribute OOH campaigns to app downloads, similarly to mobile or desktop Sandpoint, Idaho and New York, (September 30, 2019) — Today, brands can better understand the effectiveness of out-of-home (OOH) or digital out-of-home (DOOH) in driving app downloads...


Heat map from New York Times shows Michiganders are leaving home more often, despite stay-at-home order

Source: MLive

A heat map produced by the New York Times suggests more Michiganders are leaving their homes despite stay-at-home orders...

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Artificial Intelligence: The Fuel for Predictive Analytics

Whether it be facial recognition on your phone, that cool new VR experience, or your Alexa device,...

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Revolutionizing Campaign Measurement: Unlocking Incrementality With Offline Intelligence

"It’s great to hear this campaign has been driving consumers to stores, but can you tell...