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3 Audience Activation Pro Tips for the Holiday Season

By Anna Livaccari

Identifying your target audience during the holidays is a crucial step toward achieving your marketing goals. In order to take full advantage of the lucrative holiday season, you must always be one st...

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Woman shopping for holiday ornaments

Cuebiq’s Location-Based Segments Index 80% Higher Than Others Tested by Adobe and DP+

A major QSR campaign leveraging Cuebiq data delivered to consumers who were 25% more likely to purchase at a...

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3 Ways to Activate Incrementality in Your Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you’ve seen us tout the many benefits of incrementality....

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Marketers Are Becoming Location Data Experts According to 451 Research

You heard it here first: Marketers are now location data experts. Don’t just take our word for...

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Offline Measurement: The Solution to Your Marketing Problems This Year

As I sat down to write this blog about marketing in 2020, I reflected on 2019 and...


Lockdowns reveal inequities in opportunities for walking activities


With the help of de-identified mobile data obtained through a partnership with Cuebiq's Data for Good COVID-19 Collaborative program,...

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How to Skyrocket Your Return on Ad Spend

As a marketer, you’re most likely on the eternal quest to increase your return on ad spend....

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Why You Need Incrementality at the Granular Level

If you’re familiar with the location data space, you know how crucial offline measurement can be when...

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5 MarTech Predictions for the New Year

Published 1/3/2020 2019 was a year of abundant growth and innovation in the MarTech industry, and we are...


UK population movement drops by 98%

New online tool from Oxford researchers uses mobile phone data to help tackle COVID-19 Oxford, United Kingdom (April 15, 2020) – Data from mobile phones is being used to understand and predict the impact of the UK’s COVID-19 social distancing measures on population movements nationwide, thanks to a...

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The Future of Technology: The Industry’s Hottest Trends at CES 2020

Published: 12/23/2019 The start of a new year means something exciting for those of us in tech: CES...

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5 Hot Topics in Offline Intelligence

While it’s hard to believe, Q4 is quickly coming to an end. With the end of the...

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Data Privacy Regulation: What Comes After CCPA?

Published: 12/18/2019 We sat down with Shane Wiley, Cuebiq’s Chief Privacy Officer, to discuss the regulatory changes marketers should be...

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Incrementality: The Future of Offline Measurement

Unlock incrementality for your next media campaign – find out if your advertising is actually changing consumer behavior and...

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The Innovation of Technology: A Review of Past Groundbreaking Product Announcements as CES Celebrates 52 Years

With the new year right around the corner, it's time to start gearing up for one of...

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Establishing Best Practices for an AI-driven Ecosystem

These days, it’s all about artificial intelligence — especially when it comes to the advertising ecosystem. Yet, as...

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Answering the Elusive Question: How to Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Originally posted by Forbes on 12/4 here. You’ve heard it a million times before:...

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Cuebiq Green Team: Building Awareness of Office Recycling Habits & Creating a More Eco-Friendly Work Environment

We all remember growing up and constantly being reminded by our parents and teachers to recycle our...


Cuebiq Provides Free Mobility and Store Visitation Insights to Businesses Navigating New Market Uncertainty

Updated daily, such insights will help monitor business performance and inform national and local ad strategies New York, (March 23, 2020) – In light of the current market volatility resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Cuebiq, a leader in offline location intelligence and consumer insights, today announced the release of...