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To Travel or Not To Travel: Americans Grapple With State Restrictions

By Isabel Sperry

Millions of Americans have been planning end-of-summer trips to get away. According to AAA, booking trends reveal that Americans are currently making travel arrangements, though cautiously and more la...

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8 Audiences to Activate This Holiday Season

These past few months, Cuebiq has worked tirelessly to bring you the tools you need to make smart decisions about how and when to engage with your consumers during this unusual time. As you prepare for the holiday season, we are here to help. While consumers’ purchasing behaviors may change this year, their preferences — both longstanding and recently discovered — can be seen in the real-world actions they take.

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It’s All About the Context: Why Brands Need Benchmarks Part II

Are you a marketer trying to gauge whether your ad campaign was successful? If so, you should...


Cuebiq and Brightline Team Up to Enhance OTT Ad Buys with Footfall Attribution

New capabilities prove ad value, optimize spending, and can influence the creation of more effective creative. New York, NY (August 8, 2018) – Cuebiq, a leader in location intelligence, and Brightline, the market standard for Advanced TV, today announced their partnership to provide media owners and advertisers with footfall attribution capabilities...


Two’s a Party, but Three Is Sometimes a Mystery

Source: MarTech Advisor

While third-party data has various use cases, new research shows data accuracy is a primary factor in how marketers...

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It’s All About the Context: Why Brands Need Benchmarks

Picture this: You’re training for a half marathon and just ran an 8-minute mile, a week before...

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The Billboards Are Back in Town: The Return of Out-Of-Home

You may be under the impression that traditional media has lost some of its luster over the...

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Cuebiq And The Adventures of Clara

Want to know more about offline intelligence? Learn how to enrich your marketing stack today with the industry's only location data driven comic book! Read it now...

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Leverage Brand Loyalty for Actionable Insights

How loyal your consumers are can make or break you as a brand. It’s critical that you...


How to Make Your Investment in TV Upfronts Counts

Source: AdAge

For many brand marketers and agencies, springtime kicks off one of the most exciting and challenging seasons of the...

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Why Brands Must Integrate Purpose Into Their DNA

Last week, Times Square hosted more than just the typical array of Sesame Street costumed characters and...


Jared Has Most Loyal Customers, Data Reveals

Source: JCK

Jared The Galleria of Jewelry saw higher customer loyalty from Valentine’s Day shoppers than five other chain jewelers, according...

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The Most Durable Kind of Loyalty: Brand Affinity

As a brand, it’s essential to understand your consumers’ preferences. By gaining insight into where else...


How Are You Measuring Your Upfront Investment?

Source: Adweek

Upfront season 2019 is going to be different. The typical ways of buying TV inventory are being turned on...

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How Brand Refinement Through Analytics Can Impact Your Bottom Line

In order for a brand to resonate with consumers, it must have a compelling story. At the...


86% of Retail Marketers Are Currently Utilizing Location Data

As back-to-school season looms, the retail sector is at the forefront of using location data to understand the offline consumer journey. New York, NY (July 16, 2018) – 92% of retail marketers plan to increase their use of location data over the next two years, according to research commissioned by...


Leverage key events to drive shoppers in-store

Source: Retail Dive

As a retailer, there are a number of tentpole events that you can leverage to drive shoppers in-store. With...

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How to Choose a Location Intelligence Platform: 3 Things to Look For

Deciding on a new tool or platform for your business can be daunting. When it comes to...