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Cuebiq Spearheads COVID-19 Data Collaborative

By Isabel Sperry

Big data sources are of paramount importance today more than ever before. During the COVID-19 pandemic, big data can provide critical insights into the dynamic state, spread, and impact of the coronav...

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How to Ace Your Audience Targeting Strategy

Learn how to ace your media strategy in Q4! We’ve put together some quick tips to help you plan...

Whitepaper > TV

Connecting the Dots: Television Attribution for a Multitouch Customer Journey

Amid the realities of ad fraud, walled gardens, and privacy legislation, campaign measurement partners are tasked with providing scale...


As Coronavirus Restrictions Lift, Millions in U.S. Are Leaving Home Again

Source: New York Times

After weeks cooped up at home following governors’ orders to contain the coronavirus outbreak, U.S. residents appear eager to...

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The Evolution of Cuebiq’s Company Culture Over the Years

When evaluating a company to join, there are many factors that come to mind. You need to...

Whitepaper > Measurement

Leveraging Key Events for Mother’s Day Planning

To stay ahead of the retail advertising game, you're going to need a strong vertical strategy and well thought-out...


Americans Didn’t Wait For Their Governors To Tell Them To Stay Home Because Of COVID-19

Source: FiveThirtyEight

The Cuebiq data suggests that behavioral changes were largely driven by people making a voluntary choice to stay home...

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Partner Spotlight: Q&A With Jeremy Flynn, Clear Channel Outdoor

We got the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Flynn, Vice President of Data Products & Strategy at Clear...

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Do You Have a Blind Spot in Your Current Retail Attribution Strategy?

If you’re a retailer, you might not be accurately attributing your campaigns. With the rise of digital...


Travel From New York City Seeded Wave of U.S. Outbreaks

Source: New York Times

The coronavirus outbreak in New York City became the primary source of infections around the United States, researchers have...

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Last-Minute Shoppers and Location Data: What’s Differentiating Brick-And-Mortar This Shopping Season

As the all-important holiday season approaches once again, retailers are faced with figuring out how to deliver...


Cuebiq’s Data for Good Program Provides UNICEF with High-Precision Human Mobility Data for Real-Time Response to Humanitarian Needs

Data sharing partnership will support UNICEF’s efforts around epidemiology, disaster preparedness and response, and detecting demographic biases in developing regions New York, (September 10, 2019) – Cuebiq, a leader in offline location intelligence and consumer insights, today announced a partnership with United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Through its Data...


Smartphone location data can tell if people stay home during the pandemic. Experts worry users are sacrificing privacy for safety.

Source: Chicago Tribune

The coronavirus outbreak has sparked a new use for data smartphones collect about users’ locations.

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Sending Tweets and Meeting the Team: My First Few Weeks at Cuebiq

My first day as an intern at Cuebiq was just a few weeks ago on a sunny...

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Six Interview Tips to Land Your Dream Tech Job at Cuebiq in Milan

At Cuebiq, our interview process is simple. It is quick, technical, and fun. Ask any Cuebiqer why...


R.I. travel being watched for economy reopening

Source: Providence Journal

Rhode Island travel has sunk below the national average since Raimondo’s warning, according to, although movement everywhere now appears to be on the rise.

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How Cuebiq’s Attribution Dashboard Can Answer Your Marketing Questions

If you’re a marketer like me, whenever you launch a new ad campaign you will most likely...


Here’s where people in the DMV are staying in – and where they aren’t

Source: WUSA9

More than half of D.C.’s residents have stayed within 300 feet of their homes since March 19, according to...

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Partner Spotlight: Q&A With Tom Riordan, Adobe

The Cuebiq marketing team got the chance to chat with Tom Riordan, Head of Advanced Measurement Group, Adobe Advertising...